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  1. It does sound like a fun event but he’s not wrong, that’s what sucks.
  2. Jim black is still around ? I thought he had to step down due to conflict ? He is part owner of a rink PIHL sells ice to. He’s the epitome of corruption in youth sports - a politician taking kick backs. what happened at armstrong is fd up but the armstrong team should not be punished. Those kids are just playing the game. Blame the crap parenting and crap school district. Suspended the student section for a few games.
  3. What he said. Some of the northeast usphl teams get 20k a season then you pay billet fees on top of all that.
  4. Covid screwed them up last year. Canadian leagues not open. I haven’t followed the cuts since covid, I’m sorry I don’t have the answer. In the past most tier 2 cuts would happen at the end of October.
  5. Yes it’s low. A decent amount of usphl Midwest teams are running on the low side. Wooster didn’t have enough kids at tryouts for a normal 4 line team. Some parents are starting to wise up I suppose. These tier 3 teams will also wait for kids in tier 2 not playing to get cut and hope they can pick them up for the season. This happens every year. normally these tier 3 teams will start off with 20-21 or so skaters and end with 28-30 skaters once the tier 2 cuts happen.
  6. All the years traveling with my oldest around the country, my experience - the majority of parents yelling at refs & other parents were drinking. Heck, a parent I was very friendly with who never said much - one game he had a few beers. Embarrassed his own kid and got tossed. I’m not saying this is the case for every parent causing problems during a game, just in my experience alcohol seemed to be a major contributor.
  7. 6 is plenty. 6 is half and in some BY more than half qualifying for the tournament. 18’s - 12 teams 16’s - 11 teams 15’s - 8 teams 14’s - 9 teams
  8. My hockey tv ? I know they have a contract with the crappy Usphl.
  9. We covered this pretty heavy a few months ago I believe. Extortion lol.
  10. What I saw in the end was the older kids parents buying into excel trying to get onto ppe (high school ages). There were a few excel / NC kids playing for esmark and the various other “AAA” teams locally. I know one guy that put his kid in the program hoping it would help his kid make ppe. At the time this player would have been U16 and it didn’t help. The following year he went back to his HS. I can’t speak about the younger kids, I don’t think that was happening yet. If it was, I wasn’t aware.
  11. Sure it can start to add up, one day a week is great for younger kids working with a skating coach. My oldest worked with his skating & skills coach until he was done playing. Constant reps of edge work is the best thing, even as they get older. The pros still work with skating coaches. I guess in a sense, I was fortunate what hockey cost just a few years ago compared to now. The landscape has changed as I’ve stated before. There are ways to manage skating and skills sessions that won’t break the bank. In the summer, put a group together with 3/4 kids and skate twice a week your favorite guy.
  12. Not necessarily, your kid will develop better and get more out of a GOOD skating coach or skills guy.
  13. You are not wrong, local kids need to get into PPE early. My point about what age matters was referring to scouting, maybe I communicated it wrong. playing acha m1 is an accomplishment, all those players should be proud of. Club hockey is not that same as it was 10 years ago.
  14. 100% not accurate. The money is coming in the form of merit scholarships. I know kids that have and are receiving it. Do you understand what a merit scholarships is ? It can be anything. Hey you are great at art! Here is an art scholarship, thanks for coming coach wants you on the club team. ps - Elmira is a ncaa d3 program. That’s problem number one for them, the ncaa has no involvement in club sports. If you read the article they got In trouble because they didn’t balance their merit scholarships. They are competing with the club schools. Really all this article does is further my point how the big acha programs run like ncaa d1 programs. “ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - Elmira College was penalized by the NCAA on Friday in an infractions decision which found that EC gave merit-based scholarships to student-athletes at a disproportionately higher rate than non-student-athletes.
  15. 100% accurate. They want to have fun, still play & socialize - nothing wrong with that at all! Support them, they only get one childhood. To add if you think your kid has the potential to be a pro, 16 is when they are gone off to Canadian Major Junior or the ushl. If you think you kid has the potential to be a ncaa d1 player - this group is gone by 17 to the ushl - 18 tier 2 juniors. Yes before someone screams so and so didn’t make the nahl until he was 19! Yes. Some will make tier 2 leagues at 19, these kids normally are the ones with out much of a chance to make ncaa d1, talented players but not high end. Even though the nahl is considered an “older league” the top players of said league started playing at 18.
  16. Yes, the mid west division / conference that has lindenwood operates like it’s ncaa d1 making up merit scholarships for anything they can. this trend started about 6-7 years ago. No, you are not going to play hockey on a full scholarship (most ncaa d1 kids are not on full scholarships at the mid to small programs) but they find creative ways to get the players they want. Most acha m1 programs will In some way offer some financial help for players they really want, the kids considered top players on the team, but it’s the top programs that really pony up for kids they want. I’ve have not heard much or seen much in regards to this at the m2&3 levels. locally, I know a kid rmu gave 4k a year to for a language scholarship to help push him to attend and play. Yes, it’s not much but he’s a local kid that wanted to attend rmu anyway. Tuition around this time was 18k a year if you commuted. This player had pretty good hs transcripts with a very high sat score. After all the normal minor stuff, academic achievement scholarships etc I think he was down to 14k a year then they added the language scholarship for another 4k. In the end he got 16k over 4 years due to his hockey ability. This player I’m speaking of is a 99 who spent 6 years at PPE, my oldest played with him - do the math, this was before excel was around, a season at PPE During these years with travel was costing around 8-9k. I was told rmu does not often operate like this but they knew this player was considering a ncaa d3 school across the state that cost 3xs more. to continue locally, I have never heard much about the other schools doing much of anything like this but I’d be willing to bet if there is a kid they really want who has other options via academics, more than likely the coach will help the school find some coins in the sofa to create some sort of merit scholarship, but you better be a STELLAR HS student with very high SAT / ACT scores. I know the tests are optional now at a lot of colleges but they are still a big driving force behind academic money.
  17. Maybe you have a problem with reading comprehension ? PPE / ESMARK vs FAUX AAA. The point is, if you kid is Aspiring to play REAL junior hockey, locally these are your only two & best options to achieve this path. Locally (14U & up - when it matters) these two clubs are where the best local players are playing. Yes, PPE is on a higher level and your kids chances are greater. Yes - more than likely, even coming out of these programs your kid will end up playing acha hockey. yes, the top 25 acha m1 programs will beat the majority of ncaa d3 teams. ncaa d3 is status hockey “my kid plays ncaa hockey”. The majority of ncaa d3 programs are on par with most acha m1 programs when it comes to skill, speed etc. not to mention, look at a lot of these schools that have ncaa d3 programs, would you really want you kid going there for academics ? They use the ncaa tag to get kids to attend some of these schools. College is a business. Sure you will get a few kids out of tier 3 that make the good acha m1 teams. similar to PPE / Esmark needing 4th line players.
  18. Honestly none of it matters much until 15U if your player is looking to try and make it in some sort of way - real junior hockey. What are 09’s now, peewee ???
  19. YES The majority of acha m1 is really good hockey. Just like real tier 1 hockey, there is big difference though between top 25 teams. for the most part yes, many kids also leave ncaa d3 to play acha m1. There is a reason ncaa d3 teams don’t schedule with acha m1 very often anymore. The tier 3 junior parent has showed up. buddy, my kids are done. I hang around to keep up with Pahl (my niece plays) also, maybe I can help some parent from getting suckered into the money making machine, going into massive credit card debt or re mortgaging their house because a coach sold them a line of BS. There will always be status parents (my kid is playing junior hockey in Canada! Meanwhile it’s the nojhl OR GTML - My kid plays AAA hockey! Meanwhile the team is already out of the district tourney, the team can’t even skate with ppe or midget esmark) these parents have no problem dumping cash for a dead end, that’s their prerogative. Spend your money how you want! It’s yours! But I’ve also known parents that have been deceptively talked into the bs of tier 3 juniors & faux AAA, not knowing any better for multiple different reasons. I am here to share information & my experiences for these folks. If it saves them some money and headaches for the kid - GREAT! For 99% of the youth hockey players in North America it all ends the same.
  20. You would be speaking mainly of the 2 & 3 divisions. Go take a look at acha M1 teams such as Adrian, lindenwood, liberty etc. locally ? Sure some of the faux aaa kids get onto the local M1 teams but I think that’s only rmu, pitt & Wvu locally playing m1 ? Rmu has a really nice team this year, especially with one of the Ncaa kids on the team. Most local acha teams are m2 & m3. WVU is awful - not a m1 team. I have never been negative towards AA hockey, not sure where you are getting that! I am a supporter of Pahl AA, it’s one of the reasons I call out the faux AAA teams. Hey look! It’s not even mid October, at 18u - icemen, vengeance & predators are already out of the district tournament! Mt Lebanon is still hanging in there but culver has not played yet, they will eventually enter in around the 2-3 position making Mt Lebanon fight it out with Cleveland & Indy for the final spot (6).
  21. They already have for 21U - it’s called tier 3 junior hockey 🙂 much cheaper to play beer league! Even acha m3!
  22. Not many. Acha M1 is very good hockey. It’s full of kids that played AAA from real programs, some nahl, ncdc and various Canadian tier 2 juniors.
  23. This made me spit my coffee out! Not so much because the 09’s, because the last 2-3 years I’ve seen all these social media posts, parents on Facebook etc “my kid committed to play hockey at XXX university” They have a little hockey card made up etc. club hockey is great at the M1 level, but come on with the committed bs.
  24. Same model we discussed on this board somewhere already the usphl uses (usphl-premier-ncdc)
  25. I don’t think he’s saying tier 2 juniors is weak, he’s saying the naphl is weak. For the most part it is. not to start a new topic, how many of those 1,500 nahl players over the past 6 years are playing ncaa d1 ? I don’t count ncaa d3 that’s an entirely different avenue. If you have the money, your kid can make ncaa d3 hockey. On average, It’s usually the top 2 or so players on a nahl team that make it to ncaa d1. the nahl is a good league, but let’s be real, it’s not the ushl, or on par with some of the Canadian tier 2 leagues. If I can manage to find it / still have the email - I had a spread sheet sent to me 2-3 years ago that listed every ncaa d1 player, where they came from. I don’t recall the exact numbers but the ncdc was abysmal with something like 3-4 kids for this given year, the nahl was mid-ish . The majority of the players came out of the ushl, bchl, etc. this is not a shot at at the nahl in anyway, just pointing out how hard it is to become a ncca d1 hockey player, even with the small d1 schools out there.
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