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  1. 16's should be very interesting. PPE hasn't played any of these teams this season with the creation of their elite league. too good for the commoners of the tri-state area I guess
  2. Triple A, triple A, triple A. Nothing under Bantam should even be classified as such. Families of kids that are 9 should not be lured by these programs. Nothing wrong with dad coaches that volunteer to teach them how to play and have fun. I guess those days are over.
  3. What was nice about the Pittsburgh Hornets was the disconnect from the NHL club. True tier 1 AAA. Pens and Friends messed up the whole environment. Would have been nice to have had Hornets intact and have the Pens develop their prep school dream team
  4. It's very upsetting that the owner-coach KING OF THE CASTLE would allow a player to remain on the team after known illegal activity. Fear of not making MidAms is not an acceptable excuse... Good wishes for the future, to players who went against the tyranny.
  5. Didn't Moorehouse want CC to be home to Excel originally? I heard a certain player didn't want to have his hair cut per school policy
  6. I should have said kept together instead of put together, my bad. Son wouldn't be playing AAA otherwise
  7. This team was put together for Dad Coach and his son. If done the right way it may have been different.
  8. Madden likes to use the "you people" saying. Isn't that what got Don Cherry fired? " YOU PEOPLE"
  9. What's left isn't good. Making MidAms is going to be difficult
  10. Now starring King Ralph and Daddy Warbucks!!!
  11. Esmark does the same being they are affiliated with Johnstown Tomahawks. Maybe do both tryouts to get a feel for teams and coaches. PPE has top notch facilities and Esmark has passionate coaches that are dedicated and sincere. It's all about where your player feels it's a good fit
  12. Preds are due for a mass exodus. Should be a warning sign for younger age groups to start looking around
  13. Stick time is the way to go. Get some entry level equipment and hit the ice protected and with a stick to help you out
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