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  1. It wasn't updated During the tournament. They just updated it today... Nowhere on the site would you have known who was playing Wednesday.
  2. Pahl and PIHL individual team websites are covered by the Penguins Foundation. https://www.sportsengine.com/solutions/articles/SportsEngine-partners-with-Penguins/
  3. @hockey07, because the foxes are trying to play up would be the assumption. It was a scrimmage not a placement game. If you know the groupings I assume you can access the placement schedule as well?
  4. Butler Valley Bantam 1 (216 ) vs Artic Foxes 236. 5-0. Shots: 45 - 7
  5. Im as confused as @rtruth is. All you have to do is simply ask an organization and they will provide that information. If you are upset about a different matter, which I'll read into it, you are, this isn't the place to get people to jump on your band waggon and bash an organizationmor volunteers within it. Can we all just take a moment to realize that the majority (please note majority) of these organizations are supported by unpaid volunteers and exist so kids have the benefit and enjoyment of playing hockey with their friends...friends they will hopefully have for a lifetime and memories they will share with their kids. It's about the love of the game. If the next Crosby's kid's dad or mom is on this board, let me know, so I can get my law degree and represent them once they get passed puberty.
  6. Team located 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh is looking for a AA or strong A Major Black goalie to round out its team. Please DM if interested.
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