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  1. I'd believe you pulling a rabbit out of a hat more than what you post on this board. And you are accurate. People know the truth. Unfortunately you appear to not be one of them. Head back to Facebook for your rants. And to quote some youth baseball coach in Pittsburgh who I can't remember his name, but will never forget his quote "you can't cross a bridge if you burn it down...and by the way, fire spreads"
  2. Read 3 boys other comments in the past 2 months and then comment. All 3 boys does is personally attack, and frankly sounds like a discounted pens elite spring team 10u parent (yes, read into the sarcasm of spring team pens elite) Fun fact. Parents factor into all sports and kids making teams. 3 boys should pull out a mirror. If a player is not going to make an expadential difference vs a player whose parents don't cause issues (text coach during game complaining, attacks them at the rink yelling, insults other kids in the stands, leaves the rink in a frenzy if his kid isn't on the ice when THEY think they should be, coaches their kid and tells them to do the opposite of an actual coach, hence hurting the team), the player will be looking for a new home all to no fault of their own. Sounds like 3 boys fits that scenario. And their player is old enough to know it. It comes down to, 3 boys is a prime example of why this sport is a shit show. Let your kid be a kid, let your kid play the sport they love without interfering, without causing a ruckus at every turn, let them learn life lessons and consequences of their decisions and just enjoy watching them play before it's too late and you are an empty nester coming to this board to cause drama to give yourself something to do in your free time.
  3. Reading through your post, it appears like your hatred for Icemen is personal. And being that we know one of your boys played for them, it is clearly personal. When someone has that much hate for anything, and spends that much time bitching/talking/posting about it, it is because they feel like they have been wronged. Maybe you should find something else to make you happy? Maybe some hockey dad therapy? Maybe focus on something that doesn't make you such a nasty human? No need to at me or respond as that would just validate my hypothesis. And reading through your other post - they are not factual. Seriously, you are a grown ass man who clearly is lacking something in your life oh, and arguable - you know nothing about the sport either based on your breakdowns of players. But keep on dad coaching from the sidelines, I'm sure actual coaches trying to teach players the correct way to play love your input...SMH
  4. @sadday4hockey I'm following you. That year they had the varsity "tournament team" All kids left NP who played NA hockey that year. I believe it was 2018-19 season maybe? I remember that season and the talks around NA doing the hybrid PIHL/Tourney team and why players left amateur teams. So your statement appears accurate.
  5. That is a large assumption on your part and 100% inaccurate.
  6. Dude. Read what I wrote. I'm not sure people living around the rink who don't even know there is a rink there have any influence in what a rink does. You need to find another hobby vs this board.
  7. I cant believe I'm defending @Danner27 right now. But his statement has merritt...pihl did in fact play 5v5....but if your team played at lebo, no fans were inside watching vs other rinks where fans were watching. So his post has some merit. Please note: I'm not starting a political argument with you....Or any argument and won't. Just stating a fact that mt lebo does not permit fans which other rinks do, so his post is not off the wall crazy based on what we all have witnessed in pa over the last few months....
  8. This is basically replacing PIHL games for MS teams who can't make a pihl roster due to the 25% rule. The cost for their games is less than PIHLs assessed fees (roughly $800). This is most likely due to not playing at rinks who may have higher ice fees (lmx for example) However, you need to realize these teams still practice and are part of their school associations (just not playing PIHL) and that ice is paid by their associations, so in reality it's about the same cost/player as they would be paying if playing in PIHL.
  9. So what is the next phase after green? oh, there is not one. So we just sit and wait until wolfey dictates (I'm sorry, his unexperienced staff decides) that we can have more than 25 people in an ice hockey rink which is 200- by 85-feet: that's 17,000 square feet of space just in the playing surface, with the overall averaging 25,000 Square feet.....But no, he has no plans, he has no road map, he has nothing.....
  10. With players wearing MASKS on the ice - They are going to have a hard time getting teams to come play in MI with this stipulation...fro MAYA website (https://www.maha.org/news_article/show/1121369) "As you know, on Thursday the Michigan Governor issued Executive Orders 175 and 176 that provide for a process to restart hockey and other youth sports in Michigan. Part of that EO requires that all athletes except swimmers where a “facial covering” while on the “field of play.” EO 2020-176.7(b). You may also be aware that the USA Hockey Safety Committee has published information on helmet face shields and masks that indicate that the CDC and WHO believe wearing a cloth mask during high intensity aerobic activity is not recommended. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has issued similar guidance. While the CDC, WHO an MDHHS have provided recommendations, the Governor’s current order seems inconsistent with those recommendations, as well as similar guidance from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). We also do not know whether the exceptions in Executive Order 153 addressing when a face covering is not required apply to Executive Order 176. MAHA, and others organizations, are seeking further clarification on EO 2020-176. Until such time as the government issues a clarification or change this is what we must follow if we plan to resume play on September 9. MAHA is not requiring any more than what is set out in EO 2020-176. Some of the feedback we have received indicates that other organizations would not require this Executive Order to be followed. I can assure you that they’re required to follow these same guidelines, and I would be very leery of an organization that is not taking this order and the safety of participants seriously. While wearing facial covering may not be ideal in the opinion of some, similar standards are being enforced on DI college football teams that are practicing as well as in youth hockey in Colorado and Massachusetts (face offs only). We aware of at least one hockey equipment manufacturer that has facial coverings that attach to the inside of a mask with may be a more preferential option for our sport. Unfortunately, we are hearing that product will not be available until early October. MAHA wants our membership to return to the ice on September 9. To do that we must follow the EO’s that are in place until such time as they change. We have worked hard for months to get hockey back to this point where we can restart activity. At this time, MAHA is of the position that a facial covering is required while on the ice but we expect further clarification in the near future. MAHA believes this can be accomplished in a number of ways and it is up to the participant to comply with current requirements. To ignore Executive Orders could lead to hockey being shut back down before it gets going. As you know this has been a very fluid situation with changes occurring on a regular basis. Parents certainly have the right to withhold participation of the players if they feel the guidelines may cause health issues for their son or daughter. "
  11. @Danner27. Your killing me! Lol, spill it...its not like he will know, hahah, he is no longer here.
  12. It's really hard to answer the question not knowing what the allegation is. I advise taking the safesport course, it's free, and it tells you what needs to be reported. I have realized that some people think safe sport encompasses everything...from my little Crosby isn't getting ice time to (insert harshest actual safe sport matter here). Some things should be reported to a safesport coordinator, some to the board, some even to authorities. And If it involves a child and abuse, any person who is affiliated with the org in a position of power (coach, board, manager, safesport coordinator) needs to report it immediately. So your question, though I understand you are looking for advice, truly is just opening a flood of post that may be irrelevant not knowing the situation. (And let's face it, the people you are talking about have probably been identified by someone reading this board, or they read it themselves already) https://www.usahockey.com/safesportprogram
  13. self righteous arrogance...,yet you agree that people should be held accountable - which was the point I was making-- you make a commitment, expect consequences of leaving. At no point did I say my loyalty is to any team, or any coach....I was simply saying if you commit to something, expect a consequence otherwise you are not teaching your kids. Call me as many names as you want...your points are all jaded by your anger. God, Family. Country.
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