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Pa Hockey

Team Pittsburgh - 2019 Americas Showcase

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4 hours ago, Eddie Shore said:

Yes, but I was responding to Dsv20 (quoted in my post).  The USPHL Premier and Elite is the old Empire League, which at the time was listed alphabetically as Junior B.  My point was Junior "A" hockey is leagues like the OHL, QMJHL, CJHL and in the US most likely the EHL, NAHL and 3HL.  It is incorrect to compare these leagues to the Vengeance just because they both have the word "Junior" in it.  Parents pay over $8,000/yr for their kids to play on the Vengeance.  Junior "A" players don't pay anything to play.  Thus, it would indeed be unfair for them to participate in a High School Hockey tournament .

The inaccuracies in your rambling post are laughable.

Edited by Paul Baxter
Removed unnecessary insult.
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That's completely false. The EHL and 3HL are both pay to play leagues. The 3HL is the pay to play "feeder" for the NAHL and the USPHL Premier is the pay to play "feeder" for the NCDC. Up until this year the Vengeance were in the 3HL. The only US Leagues which are "tuition free" are USHL, NAHL and NCDC.

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11 hours ago, PawlBaxter said:


Let's get something straight @PawlBaxter, we DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER TO ANYONE.  This isn't your forum.  You are in our "SPACE".  So if we don't like the way you post or the content of your posts, we will remove your posts or remove you. Such is the way any forum on planet earth operates. Just like Facebook, Twitter or any other online provider what you post is subject to review and removal. 

You have a total of 5 posts, none of which are very constructive or helpful.  Since you're "new" to this forum maybe you ought to spend time reading posts and acting civil instead of the way you acted in some of your 5 posts.

The posters you are having an issue with have been around a LONG time going way back to the old forum site before it was moved to modern software. They understand how the board operates and how to act appropriately.

Keep complaining and you'll be gone.  How we run this board is not up for discussion.

Next person who registers with a name similar to one of the board admins - will be banned.

Another post with references like "..Have failed athletes like themselves at home and raised weaklings that couldn’t keep up.." will get you banned


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