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  1. THAT!! This simple solution would probably bring at least 90% in line.
  2. I'm sure once the new owners get in there, they'll have all their rink teams playing in their own league. Beware the Bear.
  3. A couple? They'd be lined up to Firebirds.
  4. They're on the prowl again. South of the tunnels? Beware the Bear, he's looking for your rink.
  5. The alleged perpetrators were all from PPE or Esmark and there were more than 2.
  6. The list of rinks which weren't strict is shorter. Alpha, Ice Castle and PIA. PIA is now under corporate ownership so that'll probably change. And then there were 2.
  7. Highly educated (in his own mind) on the left coast in case it wasn't obvious enough. Probably Pepperdine or Loyola Marymount.
  8. Fafa, I'm starting to look a lot like a modern day Nostradamus aren't I? And as far his 15 months of fame, yes has served under 6 Presidents and not one average person knew of him until he helped fund the creation of this virus. He is doing so much damage to the children in this country it's disgusting and the full impact won't even be realized for years if not decades.
  9. It's all one entity really and all the $$$$ flows to the owner.
  10. Yes, it would. And maybe you should have used those numbers instead. Hello? Pendant Publishing? Can we stop print and make a correction?
  11. Ummm...... not to rain on the charade, but those years make it a 51 year celebration. You see, remedial math would tell you to subtract the lesser number from the greater number in which case 50 would be correct. However, this is a numerical range which requires it to be inclusive of both ends of the range and is therefore 51 years.
  12. The scores of SHAHA games may have looked competitive, the games themselves really were not. At least not against the better teams. As for Allegheny, it's a tough call but it must have been fine developmentally as the were competitive at 14U States.
  13. Wow!! A new record. Labor Day was the previous record for someone to begin talking about the next season's tryouts. Now we've gone all the way to July 1st? SMFH
  14. Predicted order of finish for 15U Districts PPE Barons SHAHA/Vengeance - coin flip CBJ Tri-State Preds - no chance Icemen - wouldn't qualify for PAHL playoffs but hey, it's worth that 3rd A isn't it
  15. The Icemen issues not withstanding, the management group at FP didn't do themselves any favors this season by requiring all Yeti players to purchase all new on ice apparel materials even if the player was not in need. Jerseys, socks, shells and practice jerseys. I know a couple of families and it did not sit well as the pricing structure seemed a bit on the overpriced side according to them. This was especially true when a family hadn't had any costs associated with this stuff in their plans.
  16. And no one ever heard of him until last March. And yes he has said multiple masks and masks for the foreseeable future despite the science to the contrary. I made an innocuous statement about him not f'ing it up for the KIDS this coming year and you decided to go off on a tangent. I'll leave it at that and you can have the final word as you always feel is required.
  17. The variant. The variant. Wear a mask forever. Wear 3 masks. Life will never be normal. I am Fauci. Heed my words. This is my 15 months of fame. Give me a break Fafa. The guy's a fraud and I just hope he isn't permitted to f these kids over again next year with this BS variant nonsense. If you think it's okay if he does, you're entitled to that opinion in a free country.
  18. This year may just be that a lot of players have opted for their HS teams only. Think about what these rising Seniors have been through, the end of their Sophomore year and majority of their Junior year have been completely f'd up. Things may go back to more normalcy if we don't fall victim to the Fauci variant that he's creating.
  19. Armstrong has an 18U AA team. They always piece together a competitive group.
  20. And as one would expect from the geriatrics at MidAm, this simple thought probably never entered their minds.
  21. If you always expect the worst from the governing bodies, at least you'll never be disappointed.
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