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  1. Who is replacing you as the Central Region coordinator during your suspension? Do you intend to return to this position after your time is served?
  2. Yes, but he tells me about the 6th and newly (as opposed to the original 5 in NYC) formed Biden crime family while CNN and MSNBC tell me everything that you can't say or do any longer.
  3. I eagerly await these updates each week to break up the monotony of watching the grass grow.
  4. I think you're right and that was my original thought but I wasn't sure if we were still allowed to call it that in an effort to not offend the chickens.
  5. Great news. That place has some long history. Used to have fence instead of glass when I played there. Damn, I'm old.......
  6. And....... that's where things went awry. That's what they tell you but what the subliminal message is this "we need your kid to fund this fleecing machine for 5-6 years until we find some new higher paying candidates for fleecing". Thank you, and as a parting gift we will allow you wear your helmet, gloves and shell until such time as you outgrow them or you finally realize some self-awareness or shame.
  7. Somehow, you've managed to make yourself even more annoying than usual. Maybe post another message about the Keystone games next?
  8. Let me take a guess, they've handed the fox the keys to the henhouse? Yuri
  9. Never, huh? Someone correct me here if I'm mistaken but didn't this same team/group also secure the 14U Mid-Am Championship in 2020? So that's at least two times they seem to have picked it pretty much spot on.
  10. The number of "vicariously living through their children" parents has increased exponentially in hockey over the last 10 years. Coinciding with the launching of?
  11. Why in the world would you want 20 players at the 12U and 14U ages? Or any age group for that matter? These teams play 3 games total........ 1 each day. Fatigue can't be a factor. Wait....... I know, the more players we can roster........ the more fees we can collect and since our costs are fixed we'll pocket more geld
  12. I'll give everyone 1 guess as to what team Hockeyguy, kid31005 and LOLya's kids all play for. I mean, come on folks........ you can't think we're that stupid? We may be idiots, but not stupid.
  13. Johnny Majors didn't successfully recruit Tony Dorsett with his "Southern Hospitality and a glass of Sweet tea".
  14. Can we get back to the original question? No one has really actually answered it.
  15. It's been rumored for years about a 2nd sheet at Printscape. It's going to be costly regardless but I've also heard there might be some sort of groundwater issue that would need dealt with first. I can't figure out how they and SHAHA are able to operate so many teams on one sheet so I'm sure it would be filled instantly if it happens.
  16. Newbie, has there ever been one of these? At any age group? Is there any team of theirs who has actually finished the season ranked above 50 in AAA?
  17. I really do hate to say this because that was one of the few rinks around when I was a kid, but they probably should have taken the roof collapse as a sign and razed it back then. What a scary, scary day and how fortunate was it that no one was injured? Love the Hockey Gods.
  18. If you take them, you should actually believe you can and be committed to developing them over the course of a whole season. Otherwise, cut them loose even though mama will never be able to accept it. Playing as a Top Dog is usually a much better path for development than being completely over-matched.
  19. They only folded it last year because it wasn't his team. This year, he was not going to be denied and that team will only be as good as whatever imports he can bring in. The local nucleus is......... well, not good. As far as honesty? No way, he'll sell an AMajor family on playing if he can get the fee and only then will be honest about their actual talent while they sit the bench for an entire season or until they quit.
  20. I just can't see that happening. There's no way they convince enough to "settle" for the 2nd team. These parents just will not accept such a horrendous disservice done their future meal ticket.
  21. So did they even have tryouts at Vipers for 10U and 12U? Or did Posey scrape the last of their players in order to fill his "AA" teams?

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