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  1. 3 Cheers for Murray Gunty, what a great ambassador for the sport. 🤢
  2. I had heard this was already happening in their Delaware rinks but I guess they're going full scale. One of our BB groupies I'm sure will be able to enlighten us as to why this is so great.
  3. I do not but I would guess that you could find serial killers across pretty much any demographic if you chose to. My actual surprise is how quickly you could rattle off former military serial killers. Hopefully, you're some sort FBI profiler or investigator.
  4. I'll disparage a lot of things but not the military nor it's Veterans.
  5. Is it Cunningham? Or did he go by the wayside as well?
  6. So they went from one con man to another? That makes sense though, that's his MO. Another buyer beware warning should be attached.
  7. Where can one find these "Top 10 lists" of players, most of whom have barely reached puberty. If these players are true top players, then they should take it as a slap in the face and make it impossible to be overlooked next time. But this is where many players (because of the whiny parents) just sulk and complain. Players who are driven will instead use this as motivation.
  8. The offsides rule should stay as is through 14U and be adjusted at 16U and 18U to align with the HS rule. Same with icing.
  9. The "doubter" prefers a full set of data, that's all. That's what makes it factual. I could take partial sets of data and manipulate it many ways until it fit a narrative just as you have. I'll continue doubting until you provide a full set of facts. Enjoy.
  10. The article states at the outset that it used the "available data" and doesn't yet have it for many teams. Let's see what the full set of data shows.
  11. I thought they stopped providing sponsorship before now, but they just kept using the name regardless.
  12. Don't leave out SHAHA and the latest AAA du jour, Aviator nation.
  13. Yesterday at Frozen Pond. Check out livebarn right about the 3:30pm segment. Bench clearing brawl involving 2 local teams.
  14. How so? He's been on the staff for quite some time as well so has some culpability for the team's results. But wasn't he the assistant coach, who was hired by the former Coach? And then went to the board behind his back? That's like marrying your mistress and being surprised when she's someone else's mistress.
  15. They probably just kept an extra team's worth of players in the house league. And that could be for one of two reasons. The next group wasn't ready for travel hockey so their development is being prioritized, which is good. They have a capacity in house league that they will reach no matter what in order to maximize $$$. But if those numbers are down, then so would I expect are most others.
  16. Must've. As in a contraction for must have been mistaken. It appears we both failed English.
  17. This isn't to disparage any specific team/organization but it seems to me that there are a lot of AA promises being made whilst at the same time there is also a lot of begging go on. By the same folks. Just an observation.
  18. That's correct. Because he was far and away that much better than everyone else at 07 when he got to PPE because of the dad. This preceded the Elite Mites (still love that) and Jon was the Coach and the kid was playing for the 06 team.
  19. Not!! Just like his cousin, it's 90% Jon Sr. and his training methods.
  20. Well how about that? 2 Pittsburgh players on this team and yet the nay-sayers on here still bash local hockey. Seems it's mostly disappointment of their own that they are displaying.
  21. Moreover it seems like we've really hit rock bottom.
  22. And there will be for sure. Fresh eyes willing to take their freshly minted cash.
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