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Everything posted by dazedandconfused

  1. I'll bet people were just sitting at their computers and hitting refresh every minute just waiting to donate their money for "Tryouts". It's a sad state of affairs that this sport has been relegated to.
  2. I understand that National Elite and it's proprietor are being less than accommodating with refund requests. To the point where several people I have heard from are considering legal action. I believe they were offered $650 worth of power skating lessons instead.
  3. The players have probably moved on in their own minds yet mommy an daddy just can't let it go. Poor Bobby should never have to suffer this injustice.
  4. I've been skeptical and critical of the old boys and girls network at MidAm for a long time and this just further strengthens my distaste for these relics and antiques that have been on that board forever. Starting with the President, Paul Day and including Kathy Santora, Biff Cummings, Keith Knitzer and Ray Borkowski. Guys and girls, it's time to move on and let some people with fresh ideas move in. This isn't Washington D.C.
  5. The only people "forming teams" are more than likely the same people who "form team" every year. I don't even know how you could contemplate doing that in this situation when there is so much uncertainty.
  6. Drop the microphone, King. Nothing else needs ever to be said.
  7. Those willing to pay the secret quarantine rate.
  8. There you have it. Average age of 79. I thought I had heard something along those lines the other day about our area specifically and thought that it seemed like too high of an average age. I guess not. 60% of those deaths had at least 2 comorbidities. Time to reopen in full swing.
  9. I think it's unofficially open to small groups for instruction.
  10. You asked a question and I simply provided an answer. Now, because you didn't like the answer, you're done?
  11. Any player who played in any of the USPHL Junior leagues. This includes NCDC, Premier and Elite divisions. All are AAU sanctioned.
  12. Peter the Prick hasn't been right about anything he's ever posted on here.
  13. This Peter Puck is a disgrace to the greatest cartoon in sports. He has no clue and should go back to worrying about the fallout from the Plum/Moon game.
  14. Never happen. Those kids will scatter around to other PAHL teams. They'll get 5-6 that are willing to make that drive. This will be the recipe. 6 former PPE Black players A couple of Viper 08's plus 2-3 other PAHL AA players Mix in some A players to fill the roster Pluck a random guy off the Coaching tree Mix them all together and you have a "AAA" team that plays a maximum of 10 games on PIA ice, costs $4500 plus 12 weekends on the road. That's the Esmark model. What a value.
  15. A once-thriving program has been stripped down to rubble due mainly to the one thing that can kill any youth sports program. TOO MUCH PARENT INVOLVEMENT.
  16. So this was your '99 who was drafted in the USHL Futures draft?
  17. Why are they issuing refunds? Did you request one or did they refund everyone with plans to start over if this ever ends?
  18. Good for him. That's just as productive (probably more so) as some structured program online.
  19. I've been told that Belmont and Southpointe have taken down their ice. Not sure if those are facts or rumors.
  20. I've heard both sides. You say they're good, others say he's just out there herding cattle and collecting money. I know this much, he caused the Beaver organization a lot of headaches by booking clinics and then sending other people to run them because he was off collecting money from another organization at another rink. I don't think there is a whole lot of morality shown by him. Not that the same can't be said about many others doing the same thing.
  21. Maybe he should have been doing those during his playing days? For his own development. #drillkillerhimself
  22. So, I watched on the news last night that Heritage Valley, AHN and Excela Health have all stopped all elective surgeries but UPMC has not done so. As I watched the UPMC talking head doing her best to justify it and spinning it different ways, I thought to myself has there ever been two better partners in the name of greed than UPMC and the PPE? Me thinks not, but would like to hear thoughts.
  23. Not sure if a list of all associations was necessary but okay...... This is probably the most difficult thing to determine. Not necessarily at the PAHL A levels and lower but at the AAA, High AA PAHL and independent team levels. Travel costs, tournament fees, coach travel expenses and other "unknown fees" vary greatly. You practically need to be a CPA and have a reliable person at each organization to get an accurate measure.
  24. Then why the f&#@ is it called a Prep team. If it's not affiliated 100% with a school (hence the word Prep) then it's just a 18U team.
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