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  1. Maybe this will finally allow tryouts and team formations to permanently take place in the fall. Amateur plays In fall and high school plays in winter? Silver lining ? One can dream.
  2. Don't get rid of checking, get rid of FPP.
  3. Yup,,,,,, When you play smaller organizations. some teams may only have 1 Bantam team, but it's nice to know who their stud(s) are, TEam may only have 1 team, but they have players that are first year skaters to AAA. It's a crap shoot.
  4. Don't all AAA Squirt teams draw from other organization's Mite programs? I think The Rengades Thing is PAHL requirement. If I remember correctly, The Pens stripped the Then Amateur Pens of the name and left the AAA club with the SCIR when The PPE were created. Not sure if they (PPE) took over the Hornets AAA or how that all works. SCIR used the Vengeance name to differentiate their AAA from their house teams. I can remeber the amatuer pens field 3 or 4 teams in PAHL playing low A or even B. It was just the local PAHL org for that rink. Good for them (SCIR /Vengeance) for only using the AAA monacer when they have a team or birth year that is capable of playing AAA. Some of the posts in here seem to be pointed toward one birth year team that probably goes back several years, As an organization, I think The Vengeance have a viable option going for AAA Pittsburgh hockey.
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