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  1. Apparently there must have been a lot of action in the bedroom after the Pens won the Sidney lottery in 2005 to have all of these 2006's out there. Basically now too, we have jumped everyone up by a letter to get the extra "A". You have an influx of AAA teams with the Predators, SHAHA, Vengenance and Esmark to go with the Pens, and then will have countless birth year teams to fill the PAHL faux AA Minor division. Doing the math at 15 skaters and 2 goalies per team, that is basically saying that Western PA has 204 AAA/AA players (6 AAA and 6 AA teams) I guess the only question now is when does AAAA get created???
  2. Additionally they probably have a team forecast to support only 'x' number of teams at each level based on their ownership of ice slots. If that reaches maximum capacity, it is better to shut registration off at that age than take all comers and have to make cuts leaving kids stranded. At least at Bantam/Midget players have JV/V to fall back on in most cases. Good on North Pittsburgh to stay within their means and do it the right way as well.
  3. Reading this is like an ice cream parlor saying that we potentially will have vanilla, or have chocolate, or have both. It just depends on what the delivery driver brings to us. Good luck to the Renegades/Vengeance when the results turn out to be a chocolate/vanilla twist and a mash up of everything!
  4. Talk about "no days off", after winning the National Championship in the morning, some of the 16U players were at UPMC last night for Excel Academy
  5. Never a fan of Steve Emmett's work. He was at SHAHA years ago and while he set up good drills, he just had kids go through the motions and not make individual critiques or corrections with skaters. Even in groups, Marianne and Barb take kids aside and personally instruct them in group settings to give it that personal touch.
  6. It's not dealing with Nationals, but PIHL seems to pick and choose spots to enforce specific rules. For example, you get some organizations that can't field a team because they don't have a goalie in their district, or are permitted to play them up from Middle School to JV/V, but then you have instances like South Park winning JV with TJ kids on their roster.
  7. Mt. Lebanon is going to try and turn their 2004 team's success and roll the dice in AAA next season. https://www.mlhahornets.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/1337/2019/03/04-Birth-Year-Fact-Sheet.pdf
  8. Barb Benedetti works with a lot of players at SHAHA and Mt. Lebanon hosting private lessons at both facilities, sometimes by invite only because of her calendar filling up quickly.
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