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  1. Let's clarify one thing from this statement, the Predators have a solid reputation as a FINANCIAL organization. The proof is in the pudding by maxing out every roster at all levels at most years.
  2. Let's be clear. Just because kids played in a PAHL AA championship game does not automatically graduate them to AAA the next season. For a direct comparison, look at the National Champion from two seasons ago at 14U AA. They combined most of their best players with the Preds and some other Pens Elite kids and still finished middle of the pack in AAA that season in MidAm. And that team had way more talent on it, and didn't have to dip down to A level players to fill out the roster. Finally using kids playing Varsity as a comparison is not one at all. More times than not, that dictates the size of the school and their talent pool rather than the talent of the player. In larger programs, only kids who truly deserve it as freshman and sophmores make it, but for smaller programs, it happens pretty regularly out of necessity.
  3. I have also heard the horror stories about the fees that seem to be increasing at every turn. And there is some truth to what everyone has said about this roster. There are a few quality AAA kids on there, but the vast majority would be on a 16U A level team this coming year. I just don't see how a roster that is about 60% comprised of kids at mid AA level teams, and some A level teams can join forces and all of a sudden be AAA? Actually, maybe that was it. They took the AA players, and by throwing in the few A level players that got them the extra 'A' they were looking for!
  4. And now thanks to USA Hockey, we can't bang the boards to let the 4'11" kid know that the hit is coming
  5. King is definitely right here. USA Hockey is a propaganda machine and spews out this kind of stuff all of the time. Explain to be too how the ADM, which is geared primarily toward the development at the Mite level, but has practice plan ideas for Squirt and above helped Turcotte after his 12U season? Also, the direct quote says that after he was "taken into the program" he fell in love again. Well of course he did since he was in the National Program. Its not like he had a coach he didn't like and went to another amateur organization and found ADM. Each year is making it harder and harder for even regular everyday dads to be a coach. Just look at the fact that now SafeSport trainings have to be done yearly as opposed to every other year. What does that solve? Is someone going to forget in the off-year from watching those hours of videos? And as we all know, just because you watched videos, it doesn't make you a good person or prevent you from a future crime. Add too all of these rules now being forced on officials, and the way they want them to call them (banging the boards) and you are going to see fewer officials not wanting to jump through the hoops. And lets not forget limiting players with an example of MidAm placing the 2007 player rule for Middle School limiting the number of kids that can participate there. We all complain about those that chase the extra 'A' and what it is doing to AA hockey and further down to the house level. In my opinion, USA Hockey is doing the exact same thing where these rules and regulations just further limit those that can play and volunteer.
  6. South Hills for one is set up that way and would have to assume that as well with the Predators with the 05 team in place. At the end of the day, the 05 birth year is weak in terms of numbers and too many teams, especially with the third 'A' to populate quality through to the AA level.
  7. That divide is even more apparent when you look at the 14U teams (2005). The "Elite" after a losing record last year made a considerable amount of changes to their roster, which they should to try and compete for a National Championship. But at the time the "Black" team besides a few kids staying on after getting bumped from the Elite squad is littered with most of the roster from the previous year. In the Legacy tournament, they looked like a AA team at best losing and playing to ties against Spring league tournament teams.
  8. And what about the 14U update??? I have heard the same about the 15U team being generally a mix of AA players from several PAHL orgs last year.
  9. Not getting the rationale by MLHA having 04 and 05 tryouts over MidAm Select Camp weekend, and then selecting a full 2005 roster while there could be cast-offs from the 05 AAA Preds going on right now. Could leave a few quality players out there looking for a home by the end of this week.
  10. Early on there is full ice on weekends before games begins, then during gaps in games in the regular season schedule and when teams they partner practice with are out of town. So generally about 5-10 a season per team.
  11. To correct it even further, there were 8 ADM teams and 20 full ice teams (Girls U12, 5 Squirts, 6 PeeWees, 5 Bantams and 3 Midgets. Also, they are starting season 4 of a 10 year agreement for the single sheet
  12. Apparently there must have been a lot of action in the bedroom after the Pens won the Sidney lottery in 2005 to have all of these 2006's out there. Basically now too, we have jumped everyone up by a letter to get the extra "A". You have an influx of AAA teams with the Predators, SHAHA, Vengenance and Esmark to go with the Pens, and then will have countless birth year teams to fill the PAHL faux AA Minor division. Doing the math at 15 skaters and 2 goalies per team, that is basically saying that Western PA has 204 AAA/AA players (6 AAA and 6 AA teams) I guess the only question now is when does AAAA get created???
  13. Additionally they probably have a team forecast to support only 'x' number of teams at each level based on their ownership of ice slots. If that reaches maximum capacity, it is better to shut registration off at that age than take all comers and have to make cuts leaving kids stranded. At least at Bantam/Midget players have JV/V to fall back on in most cases. Good on North Pittsburgh to stay within their means and do it the right way as well.
  14. Reading this is like an ice cream parlor saying that we potentially will have vanilla, or have chocolate, or have both. It just depends on what the delivery driver brings to us. Good luck to the Renegades/Vengeance when the results turn out to be a chocolate/vanilla twist and a mash up of everything!
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