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  1. If you are looking at alternatives to PPE you can start here with Esmark and Icemen. And I would agree with everyone else on this thread on the importance of great coaching...... https://www.esmarkstars.com/tryouts-information https://www.frozenpondarena.com/phateams
  2. Check to see if any of the LEBO coaches are on the PAHL board.........
  3. I think most organizations are posting tryout dates but holding off on registration until on or after April 1st so anyone that registers has to get an updated USA Hockey #. Typically USA Hockey opens up their registration for the upcoming year on April 1st.
  4. What is the driver???? For the most part kids want to play competitive hockey with their friends. I know many instances where Kid A gets on a higher team than his friends and mentions to dear old dad - "I want to play with my buds.".............we all know how that conversation ends. Another driver? Dad and mom can brag to all of their friends that their 9 year old plays AAA level hockey. You see them, wearing their "elite" gear to all of the neighborhood block parties. And at $10K+ a year it is a bargain at any price.
  5. Thankfully the voice of reason, @Wampa1 is here to the rescue to set things straight for us common folk. Problem is he can't help himself from being a pompous jagoff that comments on events he did not see for himself. Guess why? Because he knows everything and bases his genius takes from bit information and a ten second video. For @Wampa1 to call out someone else and say he/she deserve to be embarrassed, ridiculed and doesn't deserve respect sums it all up for this tool. Thankfully he will be here soon as he always gets disturbed when being called out, and like a five year old he has to get the last word in. Tick tock.........tick tock........here it comes........
  6. Great comment, and it is all about kids being placed on teams at a similar skill level and them having fun, especially at that age. Don't let parent ego get in the way of the process - I know parents that change organizations every single year because for some reason, the group of evaluators got it all wrong when assigning little Johnny to the #3 team instead of the #1 AA team. In cases like this, the kid suffers because they are not developing any long lasting friendships when going from one organization to another every single year. Both of my kids that played PAHL and PIHL hockey played with some of the same kids for years, and my oldest has been out of hockey for years and is still friendly with those kids. We all want the best for our kids, so my advice is to manage your expectations.
  7. You are the one calling people "human garbage," yet I am the triggered one? Do yourself a favor, bro. Press eject and move on. I think your anger meds are wearing off.
  8. It’s jagoffs like yourself that bitch, moan and complain about a problem with refs, coaches, parents or even the aggressive player on the ice yet do nothing to fix the problem. “Clown” coaches out there are volunteering their time away from work and their families to help contribute to the system. Seems like Robo-dad has all the answers. Hey, maybe it was you that said “I don’t know how to skate” when I asked someone to take my spot. If that’s true, I can get you a smokin deal on a LTS program and a discount on one of those walkers so you don’t do a face plant. You already have the hickey knowledge as you are an avid Pens watcher. Perfect Being a “clown coach” , I have perks and can get you a deal. You up for it kid?
  9. It is simply a hockey warm up jacket ( usually Bauer or CCM ) that coaches wear on the ice for practices and games, and is issued by the hockey organization with a logo from said organization they are coaching for.
  10. And I quote the so eloquent one........."Example 1/1,000,000 of why hockey parents in WPA are human garbage." You said it, not me. Next time before you hit "submit reply" you might want to read what you wrote first, kid.
  11. If you think atrocious parent behavior is unique to western PA hockey parents then you don't get out much. It happens in all 50 states,$58,160 in all sports. Attend a youth baseball game in DC, a gymnastics tournament in NC , a football game in Anywhere, TX. Anabolic parents are all over. Lastly, if you use your loose label of "clowns" coaching at the Mite - PW level then you should volunteer your time to improve the process and environment. It seems like you have all of the answers and were recently voted "Dad of the Year." The last time a parent like you came up to me and questioned why his kid was "short shifted" when in fact he had a few shorter shifts due to penalties or ref whistles / line changes, I took my coaches jacket off and told him he could have it and take my place. Dude looked me straight in the eye and said "I don't know how to skate." Nuff said.
  12. Why are you still here commenting? Practically everything you have claimed as fact in this thread has been shot down in flames by numerous individuals. Now you are saying North's roster consists mostly of older players? To my knowledge roughly 25% of the current roster consists of seniors.........in case you are math impaired, that means 75% of the roster are underclassmen. How in the hell does 25% = most? Just stop bro - this is getting embarrassing.
  13. I think we need to compare apple to apples here........how long has Central had a program? North is in its 3rd year of existence since it went dormant years ago and no, they did not have a Varsity team last year. As with all MS teams, if kids live in a district where their school does not have a MS team they are free to play elsewhere. Last years North MS program / results were from numerous players that in fact, did not end up attending North but wanted to play hockey. It was a one and done event. I noticed you did not list last years Tier 3 JV standings - North won one playoff game then lost in the second round. This years team has at least four seniors, maybe more. If you think a team that wins one playoff game the prior year is sandbagging to stay in Tier 3 then you are as clueless as some of the others posting here. A prior post indicated there were only two Excel kids on this years JV roster and both are local kids that were not recruited from out of state. Sure doesn't sound like a program being dominated by a bunch of Excel kids.
  14. Then you must know more about it than I do. I was unaware of any kids that were recruited outside of the western PA area that were brought in to take part in Excel and also play for the school. I was under the impression the current crop of Excel players on the team were local kids.
  15. Your comment does not make any sense. My son's team played them earlier this year and he told me there is no influx of Excel kids on their current roster. So if that is the case, how could players that "began as middle schoolers be sat out of games to make room for the Excel superstars?"
  16. If you want your son to attend a camp where he spends the week in a college dorm with a positive hockey experience, good food, camaraderie then Kent State is a good choice. My oldest son attended this camp a few years ago and enjoyed it, but felt he did not improve his game very much and it was more about being away from home for a week and having fun. If you want your son to take part in a more hockey centric camp, there are better choices out there. Yuri has a weekly camp at Baeirl that includes on / off ice training and meals from a local Italian restaurant. Yuri can be a ball buster, but if you want your son to attend a camp that is all about hockey at a competitive pace with skill development etc this may be for you. http://www.interelhockeyacademy.com
  17. No, but I hear many of the anabolic dads on this thread are attending a heated contest between super talented U-6's this weekend.
  18. This comment here sums it all up. Well done G.O.A.T. You confirmed all that I have said about the anabolic hockey dads out there. Read the entire thread and start at the beginning - you will then see how this discussion has evolved from simple talk about a U10 game to where it is now, that of idiotic proportions. I hear there is a killer U6 game at UPMC this weekend. They cannot tie their own skates yet and just got out of diapers, but the kids are as fast as the wind.........I assume you will be there scouting talent? LOL
  19. Nothing for me to add here - well done Saucey.
  20. Leave it to a bunch of anabolic dads to spend time here talking about their U10 and who has the best team, who has the speed players, who has the stick handlers........good gravy.
  21. The idiocy in this thread talking about Squirt level kids and their "ability level" is astounding. And that scouts attend games at this level? I question the hockey IQ of western Pennsylvanian's but also recognizing most cannot be this ill informed or delusional...........or can they??????
  22. 08's? Really? I heard there was a killer group of 2014's playing stick time together last weekend and one was nicknamed "mini-Sid."
  23. This way parents can brag to their friends that their little Johnny plays AA hockey. Also, parent / coaches get to do the same thing. Don't fault the players, it is all on the adults.
  24. We need something else to complain about besides SportsEngine. It is kinda boring ripping a website......
  25. It’s so great to see games “in progress” or with no scores at all from games played days ago. What a disaster.
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