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  1. Hence the reason they don’t have midget teams. MOST parents have a better grasp for things at that age. Everyone on this board at some point in their child’s playing days thought their kid might have a chance, Around bantam is when you realize how things will end. I can’t blame the vengeance, they are capitalizing on uneducated consumers. I will say this, TK is not even a good skills coach, he’s mediocre at best. Springer in that same building is WAY better, it’s not even close.
  2. Had, yes. He’s 19 now. Had for 3 years. Didn’t do excel. You mad bro ? Paying all that excel - nc money and your kid still can’t that yellow helmet.
  3. I’m sad ? One of my kids had the yellow helmet. You are chasing that helmet probably harder than your own kid! The kid from north jersey DID not start the season on PPE.
  4. He played for the north jersey avs in September, go look it up. Keep being delusional, maybe someday that gold helmet will come for you!
  5. No they won’t. The kid all this is about is not ready for the ushl and probably never will be. All the super duper high end 03s left this year for juniors, sure some of these currents will get junior offers but the left overs are not ready for major juniors.
  6. Jesus, maybe Jesus can get you a yellow helmet! The kid is Russian and came from the north jersey avs. Feel better or worse now ?
  7. Awwww did I offend someone that lives in the shit hole area ?
  8. its right there, have you ever been to that sheetz next to the rink after 8pm ? Drunks, junkies and criminals. Burrell - new Ken the ENTIRE area is ghetto.
  9. Here’s a con, stay away from PIA. Currently a swat team and shootings being shown on the news right now in new ken. cop killed 2 years ago there, junkies roaming the streets, lovely place.
  10. This is true, they started the recruitment in the fall. One of the kids joined the 16s around October.
  11. Reading this message board here is what I’ve gathered about the predators. The 18s didn’t finish the season and disbanded, the 16s have some talent but have internal issues, no real coach, and will keep a kid around the team doesn’t want just to try and make the district tournament. The 15s flat out stink. Sounds like a great program.
  12. Holy sheet this topic really brings in the north catholic cronies praying cardinal whorl will come out of witness protection and bring their kids yellow helmets! Maybe if you guys coughed up another 20k to the penguins foundation (One local 04 family did) you’ll get that desired yellow helmet!
  13. Go to elite prospects. Look up the midget teams. Notice 4-5 kids on each team have good stats then everyone else just drops off to hell. That’s ICETIME. You would be happy with your kid getting 2-3 shifts the first period, 1-2 in the second and possible zero in the 3rd ? Esmark plays their top 6. They get the pp & pk time to boot. Lines 3 & 4 don’t play much even if the esmark team is blowing someone out they still run that top 6 like crazy to pad the player’s stats. It’s the way they always have been. They are successful, somehow they manage to keep kids that are pretty darn good paying to play on the 3rd and 4th line. On PPE my kid bounced between the 3rd & 4th line. He took a regular shift unless it was a very close game under 5 minutes to play.
  14. Post grad, the families and players don’t care. It’s just about the hockey development and getting scouted when the player is out of HS.
  15. Still on this ? As king mentioned above. I was showing how NC varsity was built. Off the top of my head I figured it was half the NC team Due to the players I know, it turned out to be 7 out of 18 skaters. That’s pretty darn close, i didn’t realize esmark 18u #2 kid left esmark half way into the season (that would be 8 ) NC varsity does have a kazastan kid, he came here to try and make the pens, he didn’t now he’s on that awful 16u icemen team but still hoping for the gold helmet next year. The Canadian kid is on a esmark midget team. When I ask a few coaches where the kid is, I was told he decided to drop out of the NC varsity tryout because the level of play was “bad”. had he stayed that would make 9 players or 50% of the 18 skaters roster. face the FACT, NC varsity would not exist if it wasn’t for excel / PPE.
  16. These people don’t understand the multiple hockey path’s. Post grad, the list goes on. I’m pretty sure you and myself have spelled it out very clear. I can’t be bothered to try and educate anymore.
  17. You people will never understand it’s been explained.
  18. Mr morehosue makes sure the scouts come to cranberry. The only age group Esmark has better players is the 18s. Trust when I tell you no OHL, USHL or NAHL scout is hanging out at PIA. My kids have played for both programs. The only “scout” you will ever see at pia is good ol local grumpy bob g.
  19. So you would rather your kid play on a better ranked team but get stuck with grinder defensive work and less playing time ? How does that help the player to develop ? These kids need to develop their skill sets. Getting “pro” 3rd & 4th line minutes in youth hockey won’t do that. the scouts are watching ALL PPE. It’s the only building the scouts goto when they come to Pittsburgh, Mr Morehouse makes sure of that. esmark doesn’t have a nutritionist, They do not have a power skating coach. they encourage their players to play school hockey so they get more ice time and reps. Esmark midget teams are only on the ice twice a week. there is only so much ice they can get from pia. Who really wants to drive out to the ghetto in new kenn ? cranberry is pretty central for most people and easy highway driving. Unless you live by pia it’s a nightmare to get there from the north, south and west. i agree with you, esmark’s midget teams are for real but if you're looking for your kid to develop, PPE is the far better option. PPE 18U next season won’t be the train wreck it is this year. They have already starting the recruiting process for the 18’s and most of the prep team.
  20. You people still don’t get it. As for choosing esmark of PPE, if you are a parent it’s a no brainer, PPE. upmc is the only building in Pittsburgh any real scouts are at, the training is superior. Take a look at esmark’s 18u Player stats. It’s been well known if you are not in their top 6 forward or top 4 d you are not going to play much. Like a pro team, lines 3 & 4 are checking / defensive lines, That’s why they win. In my opinion turning players into that at 17&18 is bad for the development. PPE does not do this.
  21. the prep team will be on the ice 5 days a week. Do you not understand prep ? Honestly how dumb are you people ? No wonder why it’s so easy for people to suck money out of parents around here.
  22. I can tell you 3 kids I know who went to excel and quit but still goto cwnc and play on your varsity team. So the 4 current and 3 former we are up to 7 now. Your top 6 in points are made up from 5 of these kids. Yes there are many kids that goto excel and don’t play varsity at cwnc. cwnc doesn’t have a varsity hockey team if not for excel / ppe. “it will be interesting to see if PPE allows the U18 prep plays to play hs” this statement has made me not even want to waste my time debating with you, you really can’t be this stupid ?
  23. Bingo! This CWNC dad still ignoring the “any other school” statement he made.
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