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  1. Blade runners in Warrendale was going down a bad road 4 or 5 years ago. Ice was not reliable, latrines were......well.....not good. Not giving and props to Baierl but will give massive props to the Next Step Hockey management group. That place has come a long long way. As for the latrine renovation and Port-a-Johns being there and it not being in the off-season, we are only now beginning to have placement games and practices so I believe it was , in fact, the off season. Cleanliness of the temporary facilities is not the responsibility of Baierl.
  2. A quick search showed a round trip ticket from PIT to Kazan ( the Capital) with accommodations for one was a mere $2816.00. Only two stops; Boston and Istanbul on Turkish Airlines.
  3. I do not wish to detract from the discussion regarding checking and age groups. But to answer the original question posed by this thread, it appears North Catholic will be fielding two Middle School teams this year.
  4. As I understand, it was two 06 forwards and two 06 defensemen on the “05 BY” team.
  5. NP had it set up for the 05 to be BY and the 06 to be BY. It was that way until the third night of try outs when it was rumored that the 05 team would be mixed. I have no insight to the how or why.
  6. The Bantam birth year team at NP is a good group hockey players. Will be interested in where they play and how they do.
  7. Was there for playoffs last year. Has come a long way no matter what you call it.
  8. No need to elaborate. If it was an unfounded report, so be it. But if there is even a slight chance that a child is subjected to what was described; I would report it again.
  9. 1. No, never tried out for the organization. 2. See #1 above. 3. The more pertinent question is why the SafeSport reporting website hasn’t crashed from all of the reports from other members of this board. 4. Yes. I care. 5. Not bitter. 6. Pretty sure I have not been wronged. I tend to agree with @The King on this one in that if there is a credible report or discussion of an incident such as the one mentioned, why WOULDNT it get reported to SafeSport? I would hope someone would do it if my child was a victim or if my child ever was the perpetrator.
  10. My son has skated with Marc in the past. Wondering what stigma I missed. He is an awesome skating instructor.
  11. The official word is that there will be a Varsity team at North Catholic next season. Best of luck to the boys. The Middle School program continues to grow and is a few skaters short of fielding two teams.
  12. Just heard that offers went out for roster spots and, if all accept, there will be a Varsity team this year. Offers went out for Middle School as well.
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