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  1. I don’t profess to be a member of any “ tribe”, but there is a grammatical error in your post.
  2. Again, don’t mean to piss anyone off. Just don’t know so I’ll ask. Are the rules different for hockey since PIHL is its own entity or do hockey programs do basically the same thing?
  3. Why? Not meaning to flame or incite a riot; just don’t understand.
  4. When my player was second year 12u he played on a spring tournament team in the 14u division. The organization he played for did that every spring.
  5. Wondering if all the players on NC Varsity tried out for PPE.
  6. Seems that isn’t quite the same. Security or local law enforcement usually are happy to be at the football field on Friday nights for a game. The entire community shows up. Not to much when it is a 9:50 puck drop in January and it’s snowing. The point is taken, but different dynamic.
  7. I make no judgement as to fault or responsibility regarding officials or security guards. But at a Mars game last night the on ice official threw the entire Mars student section out. I wasn’t at that end of the ice but play stopped until the student section left.
  8. I can only speak for myself and the relationship i have with my son. From the time he played ‘in house’ to now when he plays Varsity, we promised each other the same thing: I won’t ever embarrass him by my conduct in the stands and he won’t ever embarrass me by his conduct on the ice. N=1, but it has worked for us so far. He deserves better than seeing his Dad acting like an ass when he just wants to play.
  9. I try to look at the long game if I can, not always able but I try. My kid got into hockey because he learned to skate early and it just seemed normal to progress to playing. He had the usual little kid dreams of making it in The Chel and skating the cup. He never placed higher than A Major Black but enjoyed every season and made a lot of friends along the way. Second Bantam year he decided he wanted to take hard courses and make good grades so he now only plays for his school. A whole lot of kids of his generation are gonna make some really good coaches in a few years when they finish college and have players of their own. Perhaps that is the long term effect of PPE and all of the other orgs around here. More kids that played the game pretty well and can then pass it along to their own kids. Better coaches, better development, maybe that is the win that is gonna come. My .02 worth Actual mileage may vary
  10. So the problem lies with the Catholic influence over the school and not through Excel or Pens Elite? I read the reports regarding misconduct and saw the public responses leading up to the renaming of the school. Personally I believe the misconduct goes deeper than anyone fears, but that is a discussion for somewhere other than a Hockey Board.
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