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  1. I am one of those, a healthcare worker and not a politician.... Won’t make policy statements, but I have worn a mask for my job since 2003. Now I wear one around the general public because the Governor says I have to. No opinion offered here from me as to whether I like it or not. I do it. It is analogous to the gloves I wear at work. I don’t know if you have a disease and you don’t know if I do. Until folks have a blinking red light on their body that tells me their commutable disease status, Ill wear my mask to WalMart and I’ll socially distance if I am around a hockey rink. My kid wants to play hockey this fall. I would like for that to happen. I did not attend try outs and the offer of team placement still came. I hope the season is held and not canceled, to that end I will do what is asked of me. Personally, the fight over whether to wear a mask or not is not a hill I am willing to die on. I’ll wear my mask.
  2. Just an assumption, but since they posted here I’ll say that I believe both Armstrong and NP have already formed their teams for next year. Tryouts are, again my opinion, merely a formality and source of revenue. Most other organizations have done the same. But that is just my opinion.
  3. Well, never personally been associated with PPE but.........
  4. Let us not fool ourselves, the teams are already chosen. Have been since January I would guess.
  5. Probably not a stretch to think that most every organization already has their top two or three teams at each age grouping already chosen; probably been chosen since January or so.
  6. You original query mentioned North Pittsburgh, I just glanced at their webpage and last year’s travel handbook is posted on there. Would give a glimpse into the organization. Did not look at others.
  7. It is easy to look online ( or just ask) how many teams an organization fields at each specific age grouping, then look at the availability of ice. Any mention by someone on this board about organization X or Y will probably be met with skepticism and “ oh they’re just a disgruntled parent”. Look for yourself and see if the organization you are considering is fielding too many teams for the amount of ice available, then decide if that organization is focused on quality or quantity.
  8. Already realize the difference in Pens Elite, NC, and Excel. My post was merely in response to this.
  9. I know that this is NC’s first year back at the Varsity level, and I realize they are A. But at 11-1, it seems they are doing okay as it is.
  10. Whole lot of truth tied up in that post. He’s not wrong.
  11. In a public place such as the lobby of the rink or perhaps the parking lot? Or in a more restricted hallway to the locker room or the locker room itself? No person can enter the ice surface without the blessings of the on ice official.
  12. Blade runners in Warrendale was going down a bad road 4 or 5 years ago. Ice was not reliable, latrines were......well.....not good. Not giving and props to Baierl but will give massive props to the Next Step Hockey management group. That place has come a long long way. As for the latrine renovation and Port-a-Johns being there and it not being in the off-season, we are only now beginning to have placement games and practices so I believe it was , in fact, the off season. Cleanliness of the temporary facilities is not the responsibility of Baierl.
  13. A quick search showed a round trip ticket from PIT to Kazan ( the Capital) with accommodations for one was a mere $2816.00. Only two stops; Boston and Istanbul on Turkish Airlines.
  14. I do not wish to detract from the discussion regarding checking and age groups. But to answer the original question posed by this thread, it appears North Catholic will be fielding two Middle School teams this year.
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