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  1. Start of scrum in corner, not just a clip in the middle. Armstrong players stick lands behind Preds player not on him. Look closely. Pete’s video looks like Armstrong player whacked him in the head. This was next play after Arrows player was flipped. Watch the entire game. Three Pred parents ejected for sure. They were yelling f$&@ you to the ref and calling him a piece of s$&@. One was the last few minutes of second period and the other two the last few minutes of third. One parent wouldn’t go. No Arrows players or parents ejected by the refs. It’s always good to watch the whole thin
  2. Here are the high fives given by team mates for flipping player over the bench. IMG_8863.MP4
  3. This was the Play right before the play added at the start of this thread IMG_8862.MP4
  4. I think right here is where the bloody nose happens. IMG_8855.MOV
  5. Four Predator parents and 4 Predator skaters thrown out. Two Arrows players flipped up on the boards, one completely over and one went to hospital. Preds players gave fist bumps after the second player pushed over. No Arrows players or parents thrown out. There were 4 refs. I’m thinking the ref got the bloody nose when the Preds player was wrestling with him.
  6. New Philly city restrictions. Nothing indoors for 6 weeks.
  7. Can’t they just make masks a requirement and if you can’t wear a mask due to health issues, you cannot enter. Watch on livebarn
  8. https://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/covid-19-restrictions-by-gov-wolf-dr-levine-unconstitutional-judge-rules/NZUQCAHNUFHUZAKD7ZRH7GOC54/ https://wtae.com/article/judge-rules-pennsylvania-gov-tom-wolf-shutdown-orders-unconstitutional/34013103?src=app
  9. Maybe this will help to get indoor limits raised for sports. https://www.wpxi.com/news/back-to-school/pittsburgh-public-schools-board-votes-unanimously-allow-fall-sports/OKTHEXJFRJES3LQWAVZFDAW54A
  10. I was told at the Belmont they were allowed 50% occupancy last month so I was hoping the rule of 25 would not matter. So much for hoping.
  11. Gov. Wolf responds after confidential agreement allowing car show becomes public https://www.wpxi.com/news/investigates/gov-wolf-responds-after-confidential-agreement-allowing-car-show-becomes-public/TLNKFHWTSBAM5F74RTMAIQV4YY
  12. Put plexiglass between the F and D on the bench. Like already stated basketball and football all touch the same ball. Hockey has no skin contact unless kids spit. All are to have their own water bottle. Everyone could wear fishbowls, although mine doesn’t like his much.
  13. Allegheny county can use pods to get around their limits for football. https://www.google.com/amp/s/pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2020/08/21/allegheny-county-wpial-outdoor-gathering-guidelines/amp/
  14. https://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/decision-day-piaa-votes-allow-fall-sports-start-monday/I3D5ZV7MQVFM3G6C47AAHWXJGE/
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