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  1. You said your kids aren't playing anymore. Obviously this guys are. Seems to me that makes him more relevant than you. Back under the bridge with your troll ass.
  2. How else is your elite squirt gonna make the big show?
  3. Actually, @Danner27 is the troll who lives under the New Ken bridge.
  4. Man, people licking their chops waiting to sucker these newbie hockey parents with extra A's and birth year teams.
  5. Maybe the Vengeance/scir will start their own prep team with CC since the school has been pulling players and coaches out of that organization for years? There you go, mystery solved! (It's a joke, before you people start beating your keyboards)
  6. ..... and believe it or not, it's a good school, hence kids that have quit Excel stick around. It's not pihl hockey keeping them there, it's a quality education with a lot to offer. As far as sports at the school, Football does and always will reign supreme.
  7. Can we just put this notion of the prep team playing in pihl to rest. It's a Pens team, not a school team.
  8. What are you talking about? That's not at all what I said. Did you even read what I said? @twoboys understood it.
  9. People seem to have a difficult time grasping the concept that there are actually a good number of hockey players in this school, good hockey players, that aren't in Excel, and have been in the program before Excel ever existed. It's a school just like any other school. Neither Excel or the Pittsburgh Penguins define North Catholic Ice Hockey. If Vincention or Eden Christian Academy were a mile and a half away from the rink instead, you can bet they would be the ones hosting Excel, and North Catholic would still have a hockey program.
  10. Just to set the record straight, North Catholic Ice Hockey and Excel Academy are two completely different entities. One is run by the school and a board of parent volunteers, the other is run by the Pittsburgh Penguins. If any Excel kids wish to play for the school team, they are welcome to do so, as long as they can clear pihl's requirements. It's laughable to even think that a Pens Elite team is going to schedule games against local pihl teams, especially pihl A teams.
  11. I watched the video. The guys hand doesn't move. It was a squirt giving a hard hand slap and lost her balance. I saw nothing malicious.
  12. On another note, way to go Norwin running the score up 17-0 on Sewickley Academy.
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