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Bob Loblaw

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  1. How do you even gauge an 8-U team as AA???
  2. Bob Loblaw

    PAHL Bantam AA Major and AA Minor

    In years past all the younger teams played down to their level and mommy's and daddy's didn't cry and demand "AA Minor". If they were good enough to hang, then they got to play with the big boys. Silly
  3. Bob Loblaw

    New Forum Kind of Quiet

    Obviously they didn't hit you hard enough
  4. Bob Loblaw

    BV vs Preds

    Didn't hear about any bench clearing brawls. What I did hear was terrible officiating and a kid from the Preds who after going at it with a BV player swung his stick at the BV player when the ref was holding him back, and proceeded to push and berate the ref when he was being escorted off the ice. Play by play says he only got a 2 and 10 though, no match penalty. Hmm???
  5. Bob Loblaw

    BV vs Preds

    What division?
  6. Bob Loblaw

    The new PIHL website

    At least get the Game Center portion working first. That's the main reason people are on there. I do wonder though if it has to do with not using the Pointstreak program anymore, where you just plug all the info into the computer.
  7. Bob Loblaw

    Bantam goalie wanted

    Bantam team north of the city seeking an A major caliber goalie to round out our team. Please p.m. me if interested.