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  1. Brandon Montour (Panthers) vs. Sam Carrick(Oilers)
  2. Montour vs. Carrick in the Stanley Cup finals.
  3. You definitely seem to think that NAHL tenders have no value. But if you take the current incomplete number, and complete the number with more information, it seems that the missing data would have to be a whole lot worse than the 60% incomplete number to decrease the total to even below 50%. And 50% success rate seems to be a pretty decent number for kids making a team with a tender. But maybe you can compile the rest of the data and complete the graph to prove my theory wrong.
  4. I don’t think the 6 year old is choosing to do all of this skating on his own. My point was that this kid is being forced to do 4 week long hockey camps at the age of six. Not healthy. And even if the kid wanted to do all of them, the parent shouldn’t let it happen. It is unhealthy for the child. Both mentally and physically.
  5. The concern is for the kid. That much hockey isn’t good for him at age six, mentally or physically. It will hurt him in some way. But getting burnt out or losing interest isn’t my concern. I will mind my own business because I agree that I probably won’t make a difference.
  6. Talked to a guy yesterday, his 6 yd is going to 4 hockey camps this summer. I asked him if his son plays deck hockey too. He said he doesn’t have time for it because his son is on the ice 5-6 days a week. What is the correct way to let this guy know he is hurting his son?
  7. First off it isn’t my kid. That wasn’t in the cards for my kids. They just played because they enjoyed the game. I am curious because someone I know got an invite. I am hoping that it is a real opportunity just for his sake.
  8. I know that there are a lot of NAHL camps to go along with the USHL camps. Can anyone tell me if an invitation only camp for an NAHL team means that an invited player may have an opportunity to make said team. Is it still a long shot? And does an invite mean you have gotten someone’s attention? Or is it just another money grab?
  9. My fault wasn’t paying attention to the thread title. Sorry. But they do have a 2010 birthyear team everybody.
  10. And 2010 would be U14. Which is what team my friends son is playing for.
  11. I would say that there usually a big difference in talent between top and bottom lines in Open and A. Gap closes in AA, and probably closes a little more in AAA. and most coaches that win do run their top guys a lot more than the rest of the players on the lower lines. And that goes a long way back. I know a couple of Canevin’s state championships were won on the talents of a few really good players. (Not earlier 80’s teams, they were stacked with three good lines for a few years) And there are definitely other teams that have achieved lots of wins the same way. That is the nature of winning. But at the same time, a really good coach will make those kids that don’t get much playing time better players. Which is what I personally think makes great coaches, and not just good coaches.
  12. Unfortunately, your comment about human nature is true. I just don’t like it! Haha.
  13. If a team has four decent lines it can be advantage, however most teams at the A level don’t have 4 decent lines, and having three at that level is rare. At the AA level, there are more teams with 4 decent lines, and their third is usually pretty good. At the AAA level more teams have 4 capable lines.
  14. Yeah, that’s it. I’m his grandpa. Why would that be even remotely funny? I don’t know Yuri. Never met him. Only have seen him from across the ice from the stands. I just state facts. Never praised him personally. Did I hurt your feelings or something?
  15. Disagree. While I am sure talented imports help, just like talented imports help the Pens teams, there have been plenty of local kids from their teams advance to higher levels. And there have a number of local kids lead their teams in scoring.
  16. Why the league bashing? The league as a whole and Esmark have produced D1 players. Maybe not a ton but they do get there. Not every league can be the top one.
  17. Can you re-write this in so people can understand what you mean?
  18. No need to name them. They don’t need to be dragged into it. But I don’t think you are thinking of the same coaches as me. As neither one works for their Daddy’s company and neither have any delusions of their continued hockey careers. Thanks for guessing, wrong.
  19. 100%. Just because someone was a great athlete or super student of the game doesn’t mean they can communicate to kid I don’t know all of them. But I do know a couple of guys in the age groups you have mentioned that I believe to be good coaches that are not at the Pens. Both have pretty good pedigree, but more importantly they both have made better players out of kids under their tutelage.
  20. The only place to get good coaching? That is a slap in the face to a lot of really good coaches out there. Once again, Pens Elite is NOT the greatest show on earth. Kids advance without them all the time. I wish your kid the best of luck, but just because he plays for the Pens doesn’t mean he is “making it”. And there are also kids his age that don’t play for the pens that will.
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