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Preseason/Scrimmage Scores - 12u

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6 hours ago, Blackice said:

Huskies 351 lost to Allegheny 236 4-1.   Competitive game, Badgers clearly better in the 1st but to me seemed fairly even after that.

Thanks.  Wasn't able to see that one on LiveBarn but a very critical game for placements.  Allegheny a strong AA team no doubt.

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1 hour ago, Ihearthockey said:

South hills and Renegades looking like the cream of the crop in 12u AA.  NP and Altoona should be a close 3rd and 4th.

NP looking strong in the A major divisions.  

Any other observances?

Renegades are not playing PAHL.  Depending on how many teams PAHL wants in AA a second NP could sneak in.   

My guess is AA is SHAHA, Foxes, NP, Altoona, Allegheny and Huskies.  After that I am not sure.  Viper Stars, Preds, Indiana, NP 2, Lebo?

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