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Preseason/Scrimmage Scores - 12u

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Looks like Foxes team 3 (I believe is mix team 1) lost to Youngstown team A 4-1 over the weekend according to myhockeyrankings.com

I also believe that North Pit team 5 beat BV team 3 by alot, something like 16-0

It's early, but just want to report what I've heard

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I'll do what I can.  I get the scores from LiveBarn.  

NP 457 is done with their placement games.  Looks like they are pretty much a lock to be in A Major Black (tier 2) with a combined score of 11-2 over two organizations (Mt. Lebo and SHAHA) that typically perform well at higher levels.  Doubt they would petition to move to AA.

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7 hours ago, Pucks11 said:

I am pretty sure it is 1 kids from the 08 Pens Elite and MAYBE some kids from the 07 Black team.

Saw this game. NP out shot Altoona two to one. I think both teams are going to be ones to watch, obvious talent on both ends of the ice. 

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