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  1. Absolutely correct, nothing at all to do with why he left. Those situations were out of his control and everyone knew that. Not going to get in a pissing match with you, you don't know anything about the situation, clearly.
  2. LMAO, you imply by your statement "graduated problems" that he left due to his players being the issue. He resigned (wink, wink) with 1-2 games left last season and it had ZERO to do with their record over the past couple years. The level of people acting like experts on this forum when they know next to nothing it truly hilarious.
  3. my god, you literally have no f'in clue. He led to his own demise.
  4. I was the same way but there are videos that just show moment of impact and not result. Given the benefit of doubt on first impact but there is a second “pushing off” contact that is harder to explain as an accident IMO.
  5. Easy on @PUCKCOVID19 Ty, he's just mad he won't be able to go to states and yell "suck my..." or "she's a wh..." at the Philly team along with the other classy fans from Armstrong.
  6. They allow exceptions for injured players - maybe that was the reason he missed so many games - the team would have to fill out paperwork, doctors notes etc and get approval from the league
  7. Many of these programs have changed their online presence from websites to Twitter and/or Instragram. IUP is very active on Twitter -> IUP Ice Hockey (@IUPIceHockey) / Twitter IMO it's not so much that a kid coming from high school hasn't played AAA or juniors but that they are in fact competing with grown men. Many of the "freshmen" on these teams over 20 years old. An 18 year old coming straight from HS still has a lot of physical development left to complete.
  8. Watching Jeopardy and saw commercial for WPXI news at 11.....seems like there is going to be a story tonight.
  9. Not blaming the coaches at all. But at some point, you realize no one in "authority" at that rink was doing anything they should have taken it themselves to leave the ice. Imagine the impact that would have made.
  10. Mars coaches should have pulled their team from the ice. Make a statement right then and there instead of letting her get more verbal abuse.
  11. They were just at the IUP game Friday... http://burghhockey.com/chma-returns-iup-defeats-temple-5-3/
  12. If they had made their beautiful new basketball arena capable of being able to convert to hockey, attendance wouldn't be an issue. But, it is what it is, as they say.
  13. Many of the 06's from last years 14U AA team made the top team at NP - the others were on the 06BY team along with other 06's that probably played major black last year (or lower). A bunch of those went to Icemen...look at their roster, lots of players never played AA before.
  14. Icemen happened....at 16u, NP created a 06 BY team out of tryouts...but most of those kids left to chase the extra "A". So NP had to rearrange all the teams, after they'd already been announced. Lots of other kids declined at that point. Total CF.
  15. They are back up. Sometimes some rinks are locked but if it's offline, blame LiveBarn not Alpha. LiveBarn is a piece of sh** and their customer service is so bad. They don't care, they have the only option available and have you by the balls.
  16. This is the problem. We were told this time would be different. Targeted mitigation based on tracking data right??? No evidence of transmissions via sports yet here we are.
  17. Sadly I think you are right @Lifelongbender - these mask mandates aren't enforceable and they even said they won't be able to enforce them in people's homes and enforce that visitors are getting tested. So when cases continue to rise, especially after the holiday they can shut everything down and blame it on "us" because we didn't listen.
  18. I know there have been some complaints from Baierl about spectators hanging around the lobby after games. For the most part, the masks and social distancing aren't an issue it's that loitering around waiting for their kid....just go outside, I don't understand how hard that is for people!
  19. Since NY added Ohio to the list of states that require their residents to quarantine upon return that pretty much screws them from going there. PA isn't on that list yet which is why you see some NY teams coming here.
  20. What other U12 SCHOOL league is there cause I don't know of one? It ain't PIHL, that's U14 hence the 25% rule that is killing a lot of clubs.
  21. Unfortunately this is how it's gonna be now. The doomsayers that can't wait to shout out .... "[Insert team name] has been shutdown!" Just go away. Hide in your basement until the vaccine is ready. And if anyone listened to the PIHL call last night, they have plans to rearrange schedules as need be to work around teams being unable to play.
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