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  1. Delmont (center Ice) has a Livebarn feed.
  2. No dog in this fight but this is not true, they have updated rosters for all teams for 2019-20.
  3. I get parents are a huge problem. However, call me naive but, people claiming these coaches that got suspended for a year simply because a parent complained? Come on, I have to believe that these matters are taken seriously and that a suspension of that magnitude isn't going to be given out just because some parent doesn't like the fact their kid isn't getting playing time.
  4. To be fair to the refs, they weren't exactly give a lot of time to learn about these new "guidelines". On top of that, if you watch USA Hockey's official video about said guidelines, you are often left scratching your head as the examples they show don't match the rule they are talking about. Unfortunately, it's going to be very inconsistent from game to game.
  5. Been involved in four 16U scrimmages/placement games so far and I have to say the officiating has been quite good. Parents have been well behaved as well. It's pretty refreshing actually. A small sample I know, fingers crossed it will last.
  6. Placements should come out this week. If teams want to appeal, they have this weekend to schedule additional games to provide proof in appeal process.
  7. Yeah, they updated it long after the games were over. On Wednesday they didn’t even have results from all the pool games listed yet even though the playoffs were that night. They finally got around to updating it sometime late yesterday. The point is, maybe they should have promoted it a bit better.
  8. All of this is absolutely true about youth hockey and statistics. Glossing over the fact that the original comment was that the PIHL can't even give some attention on their website, Twitter feed or Facebook, to a tournament that essentially is the kickoff to their season. How hard would it have been for them to update these things with current SCORES, forget individual stats?? BurghHockey.com was updating twitter in real-time....nobody from PIHL could do the same?
  9. Just looked at old PointStreak site from 2017-18, there were 58 MS teams then.
  10. I think this is what he's looking for... PRESEASON 1920 Groups_Game Slotting 12U_14U_16U_18U.xlsx
  11. Because most of the board (since changed) didn’t have players in that birth year?
  12. QV has never had a JV team. On their website they list a roster for MS so that leads one to wonder if they just went independent instead of being in PIHL. Looks like Hampton has no JV team this season which seems to make sense since they graduated a ton and had low MS numbers last year.
  13. To be clear though, this 25% rule is not a USA Hockey rule, this is strictly Mid-Am doing this. Other districts do not implement this policy. We had families recently move in from other districts that couldn't believe there was such a rule because we were unable to take their 2007 because we had hit the limit....we will have a short bench because of this and next year, maybe no team at all in PIHL.
  14. PAHL AA is beneath them but PIHL is not?? Seems like an odd conclusion for them to come to.
  15. Didn't make huge improvements??? You couldn't even drink the water there before MF and DW bought the place. Complain about them all you want, but if those guys hadn't stepped in there would be one less rink in WPa today.
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