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  1. Pretty sure teams are still being named even though there is no game.
  2. They are back up. Sometimes some rinks are locked but if it's offline, blame LiveBarn not Alpha. LiveBarn is a piece of sh** and their customer service is so bad. They don't care, they have the only option available and have you by the balls.
  3. This is the problem. We were told this time would be different. Targeted mitigation based on tracking data right??? No evidence of transmissions via sports yet here we are.
  4. Sadly I think you are right @Lifelongbender - these mask mandates aren't enforceable and they even said they won't be able to enforce them in people's homes and enforce that visitors are getting tested. So when cases continue to rise, especially after the holiday they can shut everything down and blame it on "us" because we didn't listen.
  5. I know there have been some complaints from Baierl about spectators hanging around the lobby after games. For the most part, the masks and social distancing aren't an issue it's that loitering around waiting for their kid....just go outside, I don't understand how hard that is for people!
  6. Since NY added Ohio to the list of states that require their residents to quarantine upon return that pretty much screws them from going there. PA isn't on that list yet which is why you see some NY teams coming here.
  7. What other U12 SCHOOL league is there cause I don't know of one? It ain't PIHL, that's U14 hence the 25% rule that is killing a lot of clubs.
  8. Unfortunately this is how it's gonna be now. The doomsayers that can't wait to shout out .... "[Insert team name] has been shutdown!" Just go away. Hide in your basement until the vaccine is ready. And if anyone listened to the PIHL call last night, they have plans to rearrange schedules as need be to work around teams being unable to play.
  9. 😂 I hate to admit it but I kind of agree. I love the guy personally but have grown tired of his announcing style.
  10. Yeah, recently stayed at a hotel in Ohio, it was a ghost town other than our team, which was nice. They also bent over backwards in accommodating us.
  11. Fairly certain the schedule, standings and player stats will all be kept on their web site once games start.
  12. Placement games played this week for U14 teams, moving along with scheduling now I'd guess...think there are10 teams? Not sure of status of U12 league.
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