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  1. If this is true, what isn't necessarily obvious to everyone about this is hoe much that fact will screw up rescheduling games for non-National bound teams. Because they didn't change the date, all of the National Bound teams will have to get their games in before the same date, which means that organizations will have to give them priority on rescheduling slots (as though they wouldn't do that anyway, I know but...) and that means that the "lower" teams will have to reschedule games piled up late in March somehow. Fortunately, at least in the divisions my kids play in, there weren't that many
  2. Games are being rescheduled in March already by some teams.
  3. Games start up again next weekend. There's going to be a mad rush to reschedule games that were missed. Fun times!
  4. They've been experimenting with it at some juniors tournaments for quite a while, too, from what I understand. That particular rule irritates me MUCH less than the concept of eliminating touch up offsides. It already distorts the flow of the game where it has been eliminated. Such a bad idea.
  5. Eliminating tag-up offsides is a terrible idea.
  6. I tell my kids that all the time - you play for the love of the game, for your teammates. The ultimate goal is beers in the locker room after the game. I'm well over 40 and I still play a couple times a week (when the leagues are going, anyway).
  7. That article was interesting, and I'd seen the merger plans before, except that it seems to explicitly state that Slippery Rock isn't suffering for students as much as the other schools. I'll concede this point though - it's not really part of my argument, anyway, about this, although I may have been wrong when I made that statement. Regarding your last paragraph, if you are an athlete hoping to continue your playing career, sports are a critical part of choosing a college. While this doesn't happen for hockey players a whole lot anywhere, and certainly not at schools where hockey is a cl
  8. It's more likely that it's more important to them to make an example of the students involved than it is to worry about students not coming to the school. I'm not sure what you're saying there about the razor thin margin. What does that matter to a state-owned and operated school? Slippery Rock is not, nor will it ever be, hurting for students. And honestly I'm not sure why these actions would cause them to lose students, unless you mean the 25 or so a year who would've played hockey for the school.
  9. It seems to me that that's the intent. It was certainly intended that nobody currently playing there would be playing there when the program was reinstated, right? As for carrying bottles and picking up pucks - I make my midget team do that as a group, but that certainly doesn't rise to any sort of actionable level of hazing in my mind, perhaps simply because it's so prevalent. As someone said above, it seems to me that this is exactly the sort of thing that I'd expect the Captains to take the lead on, and everyone to participate in. In other words, I expect the exact opposite of making t
  10. I don't know about the 4th, specifically, but I think there's really good reason suppose we will have a complete season before this is all over. Others here have expressed concern about ice in Pittsburgh, and noted that the loss of even one sheet of ice, especially in the South Hills, would probably be devastating. This I agree with 100%. The addition of ice at Harmarville and in Cranberry doesn't begin to offset losses of sheets of ice in the hockey heavy South Hills. But honestly I think there is a better reason to think the season will be completed as much as it is possible. If th
  11. And here I thought all the name calling and chest thumping would fade away after the King left.
  12. I don't have a dog in this hunt - I disagree with suspending the season, and both the school teams and the amateur organization my kids play for are entirely suspended until January 4 - but while the PAHL statement doesn't mention practice, the governor's order absolutely suspends them. You have to go to the definitions part to read what they mean by the various terms in the school and amateur sports to see it clearly, but this is from the order: The emphasis there is mine. If any organization is permitting practices, more power to them - I wish my kids were still playing and prac
  13. LOL. Obviously you haven't been reading my posts over the last ten months. I'm not at all with Quinlan about COVID. I only meant that there was a good bit of grousing about rinks staying open illicitly back the last time.
  14. It should be interesting to see how the government responds to this specific issue. It was a constant source of discontent at the time of the last shutdown.
  15. Times like these separate the kids that are serious from the ones that aren't at the higher age levels. I know my son is already planning his stepped up running and driveway workout regimen. There are going to be teams, in the A and B levels, who really fall off on the ice because of what their kids didn't do off the ice during this shutdown, especially with the holidays being in there. Nice move to completely shut down the holidays, by the way. This is going to just kill businesses all over the state.
  16. I don't think that either of them entirely shut down at all. I know at least one was operating quietly the entire time, but for some of that time you had to know the right people.
  17. I doubt that a particular ice rink in the South Hills will slow down at all. they hardly did the last time.
  18. The wording as WPXI reported it specifically includes recreational sports. To wit: Pretty clear to me. It'll be interesting how they respond to the fictional interpretations of the rules the rinks used in the last shutdown to stay open.
  19. Now this is a reasonable response. I understand your take on what the science is on masks, but for many people the continuous give and take of "masks work" followed by "masks don't work" that drives our daily news cycles is probably very confusing. A person could be forgiven for not really knowing what to think about masks given that give and take. And, for that matter, about shutdowns of schools and the like (read, for instance, the Great Barrington Declaration). It is not at all the case that there aren't reputable scientists and health professionals who disagree with shutdowns, or mand
  20. Wow. What an asshole way to respond to this. I get that you're trying to make a point. I get that plenty of posters here have been really nasty to you, and each other. But this isn't any way to promote positive discussion or reasonable debate. You've managed to lower yourself to the old King's level. Good on you.
  21. I know that, without school to keep them socially engaged, my kids are relying on ice hockey practices and games for pretty much all of their interaction with their friends. This situation really sucks. Hopefully the governor/government will make reasonable decisions regarding hockey.
  22. The Governor released an update to the mandate that responded to the portion of the CDC recommendations saying that if masks can't be worn due to the protective equipment or level of exertion they should not be worn. That was Friday. So any "I saw a game where nobody was wearing masks" claim about this is now unimportant. My son's team played two midget games this weekend. At both, some of the players were wearing masks despite the fact that they weren't required anymore for personal preference reasons. At both games both of the refs were wearing them, at least most of the time.
  23. @Danner27, you do realize that your post there is an argument for not playing hockey at all, and no, in fact, an argument for not wearing masks while playing, right? I mean you do realize that is how the government would respond to that? I have to assume it's your position that hockey should be shut down, then. I respectfully disagree. As long as they're allowed to, my kids will want to keep playing, mask or no mask, and I'd bet that almost every player in the region will take that same position. Once the enforcement effort is clear it will level out.
  24. I expect it to get shut down no matter what, but mask compliance will be one of the stated reasons when it does.
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