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  1. and If you think the top kids on tier3 teas are paying to play? I can tell you they ARE NOT
  2. 39 rounds enough said, what draft has 39 rounds?
  3. finishing in the basement of mid ams does take its toll every year
  4. if he was in the Chicago Minnesota or Detroit market he would have probably been drafted. All the faux AAA has killed this area for talent. its to spread out.
  5. im sure your referring to the one that plays for shah. No, and he is a hell of a player too.
  6. that's where the REAL talent is and where it goes too
  7. what from all the esmark cuts and ppe cuts?
  8. 04 BY is a pretty big BY and so is 06 BY. Its well known that 05 is a very small BY.
  9. they will need to they lost their starter. top forward and top d pair to the faux aaa team in the same building
  10. really, I know 1 goalie who has already accepted a spot on another team and went out for ice time. so the 2 goalies there are their goalies. and assuming all 11 stay you still min 4 shy of a roster and thats saying all 11 of them stay as well.....
  11. Pittsburgh dooesnt even have enough talent for 5 real aa team at most BY. be honest with yourself...
  12. kiss iceman u18 good bye. heard 3 goalies and 11 skaters showed up. went on live barn and only counted 10 skaters and 3 goalies. either way. maybe finally folks are seeing the money grab at the good ol ice infection
  13. no way does his books justify 3 millions dollars,, maybe 1-1.5 mill. plus terrible location and needs alot of work
  14. guess you dont remember Bob Simpson and his wife where the ones the owned that rink before the Asian guy. Bob really ran it into the ground pretty bad. The Asian guy only had the rink rink for about 3-4 seasons before current owners.
  15. yep heard he wanted to leave but the free to play and giving sister a job was kinda a gimme to stay FOR NOW
  16. of course he did sister is a coach. and he gets treated like a rock star. wait tilll that team doesnt do much this season. then he will want out as well
  17. that rink is stilll a huge shit hole.... always will be.
  18. TOP? there isnt really a TOP organization.They all have a few goods seeds and bad seeds. And yes they pulled that last year with the 2006 BY. Now magically the used car salesman convinced enough parents that their children are the next best thing since sliced bread.....
  19. vengeancehad 15 forwards 10d and 11 goalies. too they would cut 3f 4d and 9goalies. Honestly its a good turnout goalie wise. but skater wise I would call that slim pickings. And thats 04 and 05 BY.
  20. lets be honest here. unless a team is in the top 40 of tier1 hockey they ARE NOT true AAA. yes there might be a few really talented kids in that mix. BUT team skills set wise no one below 40 is really a true AAA team.
  21. heard Gary is trying to see what Esmark rejects shows up after getting their rejection emails.
  22. very true. remark gets their NAHL tenders( which is required as part of being in the NAPHL) so its more a freebee. may 1 out of every 1 make the team that tenders them, otherwise they end up in tier3 JR's
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