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  1. bet they left bc their little johnny might get seen at PPE. PPE is known nation wide not matter who they lose to. 99 percent of teams west of say MICHIGAN have zero clue who the PGH Vengeance even are.
  2. Yuri is on this board, maybe he will chime in to why they keep it, but yes a scum bag move
  3. yea, just what pgh needs more crazy wanna be aaa parents
  4. and hence why 16 18 do terrible at nationals or oh wait dont make and have to Sean at large bid, when they dont belong at nationals in the first place
  5. reason is why travel as much as the stars do to play in naphl ( league is weak ) and the other 2 leagues they are in are new and not very strong YET. What you pay in travel alone would pay for 2 press seasons to be in the same leagues ( obv minus naphl)
  6. na that's saved for the ICEMAN, but a close second
  7. you won pens cup, didn't win states , settle down!! Armstrong outplayed them most of them, got 2 lucky bounce goals....... see what you do on Saturday vs a very strong Philly team!!
  8. Armstrong owns SF. and if it wasn't for BC forfeit SF wouldn't have made it.
  9. that just gave SF a trip to the finals to lose to Armstrong AGAIN.....
  10. what happened to their social media super star? not playing or is it that he's just average when it matters
  11. does it really matter with the political pull on team they will get an at large bid.
  12. sf might be lucky to make out of first roound, but Armstrong owns them
  13. wow over youth sports, now that laughable!!! NTM they probably lose in first round anyways too
  14. every gold helmet that goes makes finals. its a known given. that shit use to happen when there was ppe b team all the b team made finals as well cash cow for mid ams thats all.
  15. even if you come in to pgh to play for esmark thats pretty sad
  16. heard this for almost a year and a half now, if its the guy I think thats behind it. he will pull the trigger on this deal, only down fall visits in a terrible location area
  17. think it'll be Armstrong and TJ foor cup finals. SF vs Armstrong game last week, Armstrong physically beat no the lions all game and was closer then it could have been. not to mention Armstrong is a balanced team while Sf has a very good top line but falls off alot after that. contain the one line and its smooth sailing.
  18. to bad AIRPORT ice Arena isnt around bc we all know Black Bear would have scooped that rink up asap
  19. only the top 10-15 teams are legit jr teams in the usp premier anyways.
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