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Where the money goes...

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Interesting quote about Hockey Canada settling the sex assault case out-of-court. 

"Hockey Canada keeps a special multimillion-dollar fund, which is fed by the registration fees of players across the country, that it uses to pay out settlements in cases of alleged sexual assault without its insurance company, and with minimal outside scrutiny."

I wonder if USA Hockey does something similar? I'm guessing they do. If so, I hope they re-examine that. Not a good look from Hockey Canada. 


Also: Several players were involved in that. This case is a good reminder to teach your kids how to treat other people, and not be the one who gets wrapped up in going along with the group. Hopefully we can instill in our kids to not take advantage of others who are in a vulnerable situation, and be the one who's not afraid to put a stop to something like this if they're in that position. 

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No question there's a similar pot at USA Hockey. I'd love to see a more thorough accounting of where all the USA Hockey registration fees go, and I know a lot goes to the national development team pot. Bugs me that fees changed this year the way that they did - very suspicious.

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Hey there, everyone! I couldn't agree more with the concern about Hockey Canada's handling of alleged sexual assault cases. It raises questions about transparency and accountability. This case is a powerful reminder of the importance of teaching our kids respect, consent, and the significance of not succumbing to group dynamics. Speaking of staying vigilant, reports have been circulating about a scam called blackout bingo. It serves as another reminder to stay informed and educate ourselves about potential risks to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Let's foster a safe and supportive environment on and off the ice.

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