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  1. I would agree with Saucey about the quality of the camps the Pens offer at UPMC. I've heard nothing but positive things about them for the past 3 years or so.
  2. Saucey is right, especially at such a young age, it is the parents who are asking for the AA designation and it is very hard for smaller organizations to field a pure BY team because the numbers are not there to have enough skilled players at a given age.
  3. The 09BY Vengeance are the 2nd ranked 09 team in PA and are 22nd nationally. Maybe you can make the claim that organizationally they are "faux-AAA", but that specific team is doing more than enough to be considered legitimate. Before somebody says something, yes, I'm aware these kids are only 10 years old, but that is where the conversation on the board went.
  4. This is a really good point about the # of teams a given organization is going to field and the amount of ice time that is available. North Pittsburgh was mentioned earlier and they are fielding 6 teams at 10U, 6 teams at 12U, and 5 teams at 14U. Arctic Foxes has 4 teams at 10U (including an '09 BY and a '10 BY), and 7 teams at 12U (including an '08 BY and an '07 BY)
  5. Don't hesitate to reach out to the current TM or head coach and ask them what the practice schedule looks like and what the expectations are. I know that some teams might have practice from 6PM - 7PM, but may have an off ice session or film session before or after that hour on the ice, so your hour and a half at the rink just turned into 2 hours or more. Maybe talk to other parents that are currently doing development program with your player and see where they are planning on going.
  6. I've heard good things about the UPMC Lemieux camps from players and parents that have gone in the past. The majority of players are high A to AAA level and the coaches are very involved and apparently really push the kids.
  7. I have to say I agree with a lot of what has been said in this thread... I definitely agree with what I quoted above. It is a population size question when it comes to smaller organizations. Think about organizations that have the ability to put 4 or 5 teams into a given division vs. the teams that put 1 or 2. The top team in the smaller organization probably only have 1 or 2 players that could make the top team in the bigger organization. They then have to fill out the rest of the roster with players that may only make the 3rd team in the larger organization but are now playing on the top team in the smaller. This leads back to the idea that 1 or 2 players can carry a team, and in the situation above, the answer is yes. If the team is "placed" into a division that is at a significantly lower skill level than the top 1 or 2 players then the answer is yes, especially if the placement is done because of the lower skill level of the rest of the team. There's a good chance you are going to see those 1 or 2 players be able to dominate most games because of the gap in skill level. Keep in mind that the opposite could be true as well if the team is placed into a higher division and the lower skilled players are forced to "play up" to that level, then you could be seeing some scores that are not competitive as well. It is often a no win situation with organizations that draw from a smaller population pool when it comes to placements.
  8. I would hazard a guess that there could be changes coming with the NCAA now altering the rules on athlete compensation.
  9. It's the same organization, became PPE in 2012 when the Penguins and Dicks Sporting Goods became involved.
  10. Not sure, but i think you are right. I know BCHL, CCHL, OJHL and a few others are ok, but I am not sure how all the other ones are. Yes, CHL players receive a stipend, which the NCAA views as being a "pay to play" situation. If a player goes the CHL route, they lose their NCAA eligibility.
  11. College Commitments: http://collegehockeyinc.com/commitments.php Please keep in mind that NCAA D1 has limits on the # of scholarships that can be given, so some of the players do not receive a "full ride".
  12. I'd suggest finding another sport (if he/she doesn't already play one) and then supplementing that with a weekly or twice weekly clinic or skating session. All of the research out there shows the value in non-specialization at younger ages. I've also heard of some players working with a "speed coach" that work on developing the "fast twitch" muscles in an off-ice environment.
  13. I know that tournaments and tournament directors use it to group teams into proper divisions when teams register for tournaments or to make sure that the teams that are entering are registered in a division that fits with the level they've played throughout the season. For example, not allowing a team that has played all season at A Major enter a tournament at a B level. Its a tool to help with competitive balance.
  14. You are also correct. This is where the expectations of the players, coaches, and parents all come into play. Some of these people are simply happy that there son or daughter is playing a sport and having fun, while others (normally the more skilled players) are looking for more. These players only have a few options depending on the size of the program they are participating in: 1) hope that there are enough like skilled players with parents and coaches that are going to demand a commitment so that there is enough to field a team with the same high expectations and skill level. or 2) go to another organization which supplies what they are looking for. People on this board need to stop placing the blame on parents and players, and start looking at the organizations, coaches, and hockey directors that are not doing enough to adequately serve this portion of their "customer base". As with any other business or service, if a customer isn't getting what they want, they have the right to look elsewhere. Successful businesses don't blame the customer for leaving, they try to find out why they are leaving and make changes to address what the cause is. If organizations within PAHL began taking this approach, there is a chance that we could be looking at stronger teams at the AA level but until people in the hockey community start to look at what is causing players and parents to look for other options instead of jumping to the "they think their kid is the next Crosby" argument we are going to be forever stuck in this cycle. As for the "trickle down" where there's the perception that there are players on a higher level team that shouldn't be there because player's A and B went to another organization to play, the answer to that problem is simple... The players who are moving up into those spots need to simply get better.
  15. Ynot02 is 100% correct and because we are focused on hockey doesn't mean this isn't happening across other sports as well, baseball and soccer jump to my mind first. If you look at youth travel sports in general, there are the "top programs" and then there are the programs that were formed to fill a void in the market to make parents/players happy. A parent making the choice to spend their time and money in that way should be no ones business but their own. If a player has an opportunity to play on what he/she perceives to be a better team or one that provides better experiences, then go and do it. If it doesn't work out for that person moving forward, then there are always other options and other players/parents will be more than willing to fill that players spot. Why are we not happy that we even have players participating in the sport, especially with the sedentary lifestyle more and more kids are leading now? Just because it is not for you, or you object to it on some other level, doesn't mean that you are any more correct than the person making the choice to play on those teams are wrong.
  16. No clue who the group is that actually owns the rink. This was passed on to me via people who are pretty tied into the rink and what's been going on down there.
  17. I was referring to age groups, not birth year teams.
  18. The current model is going to work for a few birth years, but won't be sustainable in the long term without some kind of development at the 8U and 10U levels. All I heard was the ownership of the rink was not happy with how he was running the place, and he chose to resign.
  19. My understanding is that there were large numbers for that tryout due to the 8U "Elite" program they started last year. They are going to practice through the summer and then divide the teams up. They wanted more time to see that group of kids.
  20. I might be incorrect, but I believe that this is invite only and the invites go out through USA Hockey in April.
  21. HockeyDad23, the "driver" is different for everybody. Some of it is parents pushing their kids, some of it is the kids pushing themselves and looking to play with and against a better level of competition. As far as kids "making it", it seems like PPE has players each year commit to D1 programs in both their boys and girls programs. That's not to say that those players were playing for PPE when they were in the younger age groups, it just shows that those players were members of the program when they made their commitment.
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