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  1. RMU has something like that too, I forget what scheduling site they use. It's a little cumbersome to use.
  2. It gets old. Scroll through two people just insulting each other....more insults...two people acting Insane about kids hockey...oh, a nugget of something worth thinking about....more insults....we can do better. This board is better than Michigan's, however.
  3. Sigh. Can't anymore on this board figure out how to have a discussion without name calling and mud slinging? Always so delightful.
  4. Oh dear lord. The first week of rankings. But you keep pounding your chest about whoever.
  5. The rah rah as for the Vengeance was nice. I have trouble respecting the Vengeance and their ilk because they take checks from kids who are not AA players. No credibility there. At least icemen and Esmark are straight up with parents about the season that they are about to embark on. Crow about the 08s all you want....the most talented of that lot will leave to get exposure, and then you get what you see at the older levels. Before the most talented left for Pens or Esmark. Now the Barron's are an option if you and the kid can handle cyber school and billeting. (Takes money and a mature kid to do that...tons of sacrifice.) They have to. If you aren't playing at the right tournaments, the people who can advance you aren't seeing you. You are already behind the eight ball because those eyes weren't watching you when you were 14 Case in point...midget Vengeance is peppered with North Pittsburgh kids that people observed shouldn't have been at Mid Ams last year. I don't know how you hreak this stuff. Money, connections still play a heavy influence in the hockey world. Guess Black Bear will be the next model coming here to offer families a new dream, in exchange for their dollars.
  6. OMG can the PPE and Vengeance dad go have their fight privately. 🙄
  7. Takes five years to figure out being a low level AAA team and playing only for a ranking isn't much fun. 🙄 I guess Black Bear will change that since their league has playoffs, etc? But still won't be able to compete nationally because you will likely still be a low level AAA team.
  8. This is so important and you need to remind your kid of this from time to time. If they broke their leg and can't play, would they still be happy at the school? This may not be accurate at all schools, but a local college coach told us that the difference between the ACHA teams there was how much commitment you wanted to give to the team, with the 1 team having most practices, travel, etc. (I took that with a grain of salt, still think more talent is going to put you on team 1.)
  9. I don't know, maybe it's the pandemic, they don't have spots or something.
  10. Why do programs tell kids to go play juniors, then? I agree with you that it is BS....but it is not BS in the sense that coaches ARE telling kids this. I think it is terrible.
  11. Unfortunately there are quite a few college club programs telling kids they need to go play juniors to make the team. For club hockey. 😢 Not all of them, there are plenty around here that don't. I wouldn't take a kid out of high school to end up in club hockey. And...I would pause a long time before spending 10 to 14 thousand per year to do it. And if you are a player top of the game in Tier Ii or a AAA high school program, I don't think that is necessarily true although they will tell you otherwise because they benefit from having older, more mature bodies for four years. They can walk on during a try out. Because...even though they are young, they are still more talented than the kid who wasn't top of the game coming out of pay to play juniors. But for anyone else dreaming of continuing to play in college, that is their route. If mom and dada are willing to foot that bill ... 🤷‍♂️ Look at the prior year roster. They usually list age and where they played, or you can find on elite prospects. Really good ACHA Diiv 1 teams are filled with older kids who played some sort of juniors or AAA. Be aware that to some extent you may be setting them behind their peers. Their friends will start getting real jobs, married, starting families. Your kid will still be messing around with hockey and school. Maybe having a hard time finding a girl because they aren't.aking money. Mentally that can be hard. All to extend a hockey career that won't go past college for club hockey....
  12. This is a different take that may be helpful to new parents that I appreciate. If you really feel the need to do AAA, independent, whatever, I would rather see kids do it at an older age. Pewee, Squirt, even bantam...so much on a family before they hit puberty and really see if they have talent. And no one ever cares when I say this, because it is all me me my kid my money around here, but I struggle with how this helps develop the sport overall. Pushing an already cost prohibitive sport to even a higher expense makes no sense to me and will at some point hurt growth. Why you wouldn't want to encourage and find ways to allow all to participate from the USA Hockey perspective makes no sense to me. You want the best athletes, yes? Not just the best athletes with money. There are other countries who don't follow this travel/elite model and they are putting out incredibly talented players.
  13. Hahaha so the ultimate butt hurt guy making his own team when his kid didn't make the team he thought he should be on. Sigh. Except he has more money.
  14. This thread is getting just a little...weird. I am sure they are both good hockey players. But it feels a little yucky, both the slobbering and the comparison of them to each other. Still kids, no matter the talent level.
  15. Not everyone will go anywhere for AAA, that is a really broad statement. You may not know who might have come if located somewhere else because if the location is a deal breaker, it's a waste of time and money to try out. Logistics do factor in for some people.
  16. Why are you using Livebarn to watch an ADM or squirt practice? You may have just answered your own question!
  17. PIA is in such a terrible location, I think it would be better to move somewhere else. Even if you fix up the rink, it's still really hard for anyone not on that side of town to get to. I think it's a huge reason why some families won't play there.
  18. I don't think it's intentional, what TeamRamRod said. A few times last year, if the rink was inactive for a while, I would be at home and would text our team manager to ask someone to get it going. Seems more productive to ask the rink to turn it on than to complain here.
  19. No one, I believe. Basically when local boy parents caught on to the black team scam and they started having trouble fielding teams, they moved the model to the girls.
  20. JT Miller, NHL, soon to be traded from Canucks? played many years for Pittsburgh Hornets.
  21. I am old enough to remember when there weren't any 'elite' youth athletes and no one worried about 'development'. You just played. Focus was on exercise and fun. If you liked whatever the sport was, you worked on it on your own. So, yeah. I know, I am old.
  22. Youth sports are primarily about making money these days. Development will continue to suck so long as adults are making their living off parents' dreams for their children.
  23. It's too many games for kids We hear over and over from USA Hockey as coaches and the medical profession that it isn't good for them. 70 to 80 games are what the pros play. They do it full time and get paid.bKids need to do school, etc on top of their season. Burn out, over use injuries, etc.
  24. Yeah, people have been talking about Blackbeard's impact for a while. Monopolies usually end up costing everyone more money.
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