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  1. It really depends on coaching and who is on the team. At 16u they are supposed to be learning all these things. 14u as well. However, they also play on teams where there are kids who don't have the individual skills to do these things, let alone hockey IQ. The independent teams have really decimated the level of play in AA. You've got only a few teams in each age group with what I would say are filled with complete AA players. Everyone else only has a couple or none. If you can't pick up a pass while moving, you can have the best breakout ever and go no where. If kids don't have the individual skills, guess what you do in practice.
  2. PIHL updated the website to indicate info on girls for spring 2022 is coming soon!
  3. Here I was thinking this board was pleasantly pleasant lately. I am ok with being wrong about something and happy that my opinion was not informed in this instance. However, I am incredibly tired of the manner in which people choose to state their opinion and 'correct' others. Thanks for the somewhat backwards apology.
  4. Nice. You could have made your point without the dig. But what would this board be with out someone being a jagoff?
  5. This is the kind of thing victims have complained about for a long time. Disbelief. Slaps on wrist. It's not just the Catholic Church or USA hockey. It's pervasive throughout our society. Blackmailing a child for sex, even if the perpetrator was a minor at the time, is incredibly repulsive, aberrant behavior that is not going to be a one off. How many others were hurt by this silence? I hope our culture is changing to protect sexual assault victims.
  6. PIHL did address this ages ago and crowd control was not put on the refs, but on the schools. Everyone who has kids who play PIHL hockey received messaging from their home organization on how school crowds would be handled. I haven't heard of any further issues. Schools are hyperaware right now. I think this thread has outlived its usefulness and should be closed. If you want to continue discussing reffing, maybe make another thread.
  7. Looking at the schedule, NA plays a lot of those teams heading into playoffs.
  8. Franklin Regional is number one in penalty minutes, anyway. There is talent there, but it spends a lot of time in the box
  9. Yeah, or in the summer. Just go to a court with friends.
  10. I theorize that it is because our kids have less time to play on their own around here, with less access to ice to allow for the game to teach them. No outdoor rinks, etc. Small area games would be USA hockey's answer.With passing....gotta make em do it I guess. But I don't really know what is different in training. I just know that seems to be the glaring difference between our teams and those from the big markets.
  11. To me it's not that, but when was the last time that one of the Western Pa teams that went up to Nationals do well? Seems, with the exception of the girls, western Pa teams get their butts handed to them. Our market still doesn't compare on that level of competition. We are getting better. Our teams don't have comparable hockey IQ and our passing game looks nothing like the teams at that top level.
  12. https://www.post-gazette.com/business/development/2021/11/22/Hunt-Armory-Pittsburgh-Penguins-Shadyside-Emerson-Street-Urban-Redevelopment-Authority-Bill-Peduto-National-Hockey-league/stories/202111220145#:~:text=For decades%2C the armory%2C opened,the state two years ago. Who actually owns it? Looks like combined endeavor. I don't think it is the Pens alone. Good article with more info on intended uses. I heard the demand for the programming already is high, which is great! People who live in the City do go to games, watch on tv, buy merch. Not everyone in the City is poor. 🙄 The suburban entitlement on display in this thread is great. The article mentions the new owners hopefully making even more investments, so hopefully, parking sometime in the future.
  13. No clue dude. I just figured all the hand wringing is a bit much considering the stated main purpose of the rink. The outdoor city rinks don't concern themselves with renting every minute at a high cost. Maybe this is similar. It's not just Pen's ownership.
  14. Everyone is complaining about the parking. It is set in an urban setting, and the main anticipated user appears to be people who live in the City and use public transportation. People who have to drive into the City aren't the audience. At some point, this will be addressed, I am sure. I am glad they got it up and running and I hope it gets some kids playing who wouldn't have had the opportunity otherwise.
  15. Except you look at those competitive club rosters and a large number are older and did play a few years before starting even the club team. 😢 Too expensive to do that imho. I am with you, try to see if you can get on rather than play some low level juniors. That is co crazy to me.
  16. Shame on him, then. Develop what you have. People need to stop behaving as if playing lower level hockey is somehow less. Kids learn the same life skills, get exercise, learn discipline, friendships. It's a great game, however you are picking up the stick.
  17. People push at PAHL to make changes because 'everyone is leaving.' Well...what do you do with something like this? PAHL put them in the right division. Let them be AA just because they want it? What about not wasting other AA teams' time? Maybe a ban from competing in Mid Ams too, or something, for a few years, in addition to a fine. In Irish Dance, in order to prevent families from jumping schools all the time, you aren't allowed to compete for a few years if you change schools There are some exceptions. Can't fix crazy, I guess. Parents are ruining this sport.
  18. Brianne McLaughlin played goalie for the Olympic team. That high enough?
  19. Do they play some sort of juniors first?
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