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  1. If Iceman keep declaring Tier 2, but advertising as Tier 1, at what point will they no longer be able to declear Tier 1, I thought there are requirments and you need to have in order to be able to declear Tier 1 teams that are tournament bound. I thought they need to have current or past Tier 1 teams to meet these requirements.
  2. My statement was only in hope of a school in that area would step up in the next couple years. I know the state of all the programs mentioned and over the last 20 years I have seen these as well as other programs at different levels. To make it work you have to get an AD willing to make it work and a school willing to take a chance, you could have outside influence and investors. It is highly unlikey, but you never know. Years ago W and J was on that path, I would have never thought that school would be a canidate for NCAA or even Robert Morris before they built Island Sports, but it did happe
  3. It would seem strange that NCAA would be pushing this right now, starnge thing is RMU had plans to move the mens program to UPMC with the third rink, I don't think seating was to much better, but they would get an amazing locker room and access to the Pens workout facility. Being so far off campus did not make sense to me, but I do think it would have helped them recruit kids. I know when kids are looking at schools and junior programs the main thing they really look at is the facilities, sometime more than the education factor. Penn State has really taken over in this area as the go to and I
  4. Total hearsay, but I was told Esmark maybe moving to Ice Castle. While I have nothing to back this and while I don't think it will happen and King Ralph and Gary would not get along so well with MR K and the Crazy Russian. But this would make sense as I feel Esmark would have a better chance at building a program in the south hills and keeping some talent from going north to PPE, this would start at the younger ages and then move to older as they could be a program from Suirts to Midgets. I know Preds has U14-U18 options and Lebo and Shaha have teams at different levels. Looking forward PPE an
  5. The Bladerunners rinks where not sold cause of profitability, they along with mutiple properties including a large number of hotels where sold cause of a falling out between the brothers that owned the properties. While all 3 rinks required upgrades to icemanking equipment and other maintannce, the sale price clearly reflected the as is state. All 3 sold for less that 1/2 of the value or more on building a new comprable building. Since the sale Baierl has upgrade both surfaces icemaking equipment and made many updates to the facility, Bethel dropped to one sheet and did many update to the buil
  6. I know that it seems like Black Bear maybe a bad thing cause they raise the cost of ice, but lets look at it if you owned the rink. It makes sense, Someone said ice at PIA or delmont was going to be $400 for an hour and half? I could be wrong, but most orginazation that are not playing at a comunity rink are paying between $325 and $450 for an hour. That is the going rate, I have not heard of Black Bear buying RMU and I don't think it will happen, but I could be wrong. RMU rink was given to them from the Hillman corp. Again I maybe wrong, but the way it was explained to me, is Hillman original
  7. I'm sad to hear this. I thought it was great when RMU brought NCAA DIv 1 hockey to Pittsburgh. It was great to see how many Pittsburgh kids played in this program at the begining and over the years. It is a shame, cause I don't see a D1 program coming back anytime soon. WJ was on track to do a NCAA 1 or 3 program years ago before the AD left and went to Adrian College, Pitt hates it's hockey program and tried to get rid of the club team years ago. Cal U was making good efforts to build a rink and maybe go NCAA years ago before they fired the AD and that program took a step back. Maybe Duquesne
  8. Hockey as every sport will always be a pryamid. It is lonely at the top, the better you are the less piers you will have so you will have to travel to other markets. In Tier 1 it is seperated into Tier 1 Elite the teams in the top 25/30, "PPE Barons" these teams will play each other and are usally good competetion. The next bracket is teams falling in the 30 to 75. Typically their are 2-3 teams like "Vengeance, Esmark, Shaha, Mt. Lebo" Sometimes these teams can shift to elite or vice versa. Next is the bottom of Tier 1 which starts to mix in with the top of tier 2 and this is where we get the
  9. Good for Vengeance Goalie, as far as the 07, I'm sure everone has their own reasons to switch. Sounds like Iceman will finally field an 06 team but it will be far from AAA, maybe an A-Major 16u team at best.Good luck to all landed those final spots and teams, looks like tryouts should all be wrapped up by the end of the month.
  10. You might want to inquire sooner than later. If you are moving this summer, most teams have already completed tryouts for next season. You might be able to find your way onto a roster spot if your player is extremly good or lucky if a spot is open or becomes available. But I would start reaching out to Teams and orginazation right away.
  11. Esmark got most of the 07 Vengeance team from last year, They left cause of the coaching change and not getting their way. They will not hesitate to pull this again, so time will tell if they stay. Esmark has a big hole at 06/u15 level, they tried hard to pry kids away from Vengeance and SHAHA. The Crazy Russian was making promises and recruiting hard from Mid Am till tryouts. He promised most of them spots on the 05 team and just wanted them to show up to help bolster the numbers. They combined the 05/06 tryout, maybe this was to look more impresive or just made sense, you take what you want.
  12. I heard at the 15u they cut 4 d, 1 goalie and 2 forwards, now I belive in addition 1 d and 2 or 3 forwars did not tryout. They took kids from LA, Dallas, Little Ceasers and a goalie from British Columbia. They also added 1 kid also from Pittsburgh, that went to play in the ccm 68 a year ago. The team has 3 kids from Pittsburgh if you count the 2007 that will play up with them most of the year, but not at mid am or nationals, the new kid they added, that never played there ever and 1 kid that has played on the team since first year squirts. The team will be good, some additions maybe better the
  13. Here is my take on what will happen. PPE will bring in 4-6 players, that will knock a couple of those kids off the team, those 4-6 will likely go to Vengeance, Shaha or might go outside of PA to other AAA teams or prep schools. I think Vengeance has a solid core and added a very good coach, that may draw in a couple kids over shaha, but shaha still has a aaa level group and these 2 teams will see improvment over last year. I think Esmark and Preds will field teams from the leftovers of these teams, they will be low end AAA, but probably better than most AA teams in the area and will offer more
  14. I have spent $0 or very very little on any private instructions. His instructions has been included in the programs he has been involved in. I have however invested in private stregth coach and have saw the benifits of it and can not say enough about spending your time and money in this aspect over pouring in money on private lessons. Mutiple sports is so important. When it comes down to any sport including hockey, I think the best players are the best athletes and have control and cordinations of their bodies. It is so hard so many people are trying to keep up and think playing sports 365 is
  15. I would agree with the assement on Max, He was more worried about looking good and running drills that look good and the language barrier did not help with instructions. As far as new technique vs old, it really has not changed much, some instructors can use video and new technology to help show a player what they can do to improve, but the drills and technique is pretty much the same. My 2 cents, most kids lack the strength and or control of their body to perform most drills or refine their stride. Your son being a 2006 14/15 you may find it better to spend some of your budget on a good stren
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