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  1. Not true, 18U Icemen team is a mix of team one & team two from last season. Plus a few new players. Not a full roster yet. Most (not all) of the stronger kids left from the Nationals team. Icemen are playing AA this season. MidAm’s at the 18AA level will be very competitive this season.
  2. @Scooby Doo Game was NP at Preds! AHA/Preds game was a stupid good battle. Female ref was totally out of her league. So the question for 18U AA is, will there be another heavyweight? Other Preds team, SHAHA??? Can’t imagine the Huskies or Cambria being strong. Could be wrong??? Preds (all 02’s with exception of 1-2 players) played Cheektowaga (National U16 Champs with the exception of 2-3 players) twice. Winning one and loosing one. They play again in Buffalo this weekend.
  3. @Scooby Doo why did you delete your comment? Second thoughts or who slapped your wrists? Yes, the Allegheny/Preds game was competitive. The end was very interesting. Both teams had a lot of PIM. Referees were too much a part of that game. Curfewed by 4+ game minutes. Ridiculous! Pretty sure Allegheny plays the same NP team this weekend. Good Luck!
  4. I wouldn’t go that far. Preds 405 beat NP #1, 9-1. NP’s goal didn’t even go in the net. (Video to prove!) Icemen will have their hands full with Preds. I think they are scheduled to play 3-4 times. Time will tell! As for Icemen being elite, 🙄.
  5. Yep, because that’s what those few thousand kids want to do. Except for Allegheny, the division is very competitive. Why the fuss?
  6. Adult Soap Opera! SMH 😕 I have an idea. How about we talk about hockey??
  7. Pretty sure that that could be said of any large organization. Smaller ones, not so much, with the exception of a couple.
  8. My kid is 16. I’ve gotten no skin in the game with any of the younger groups. The comments above are totally inappropriate and are hearsay/rumors. That kind of crap doesn’t need to be on this board. Epiteme of a Bottom Feeder.
  9. Ahhhh, Fall is in the air and rumor season is officially here. I heard from a parent on my team that’s 50 miles away that a mom told a guy that told a guy that this happen. So, I’m going to post on a public bored trying to find out what the rumor is when it’s really none of my business.
  10. Am I missing something? SHAHA u16 AA lost two over the weekend. Losing to SCIR and Armstrong. 0-2, not 2-0, correct?
  11. The U18 team was all 99’s and 00’s last season. The U16 team had 8 02’s on it and the rest 01’s. The U15 team, all 02’s last season. Can’t speak for this season yet.
  12. Not sure that I’d call that an ice shortage. Thier sheets are not frozen yet?!? They all have the option to switch organizations. They choose not to. I guess I don’t blame them. It’s a pretty good drive to the next rink over. I can tell you, at the Renegades, my son’s team has been on the ice for 14 team practices and 8 skills/skating sessions since mid June. Makes them worth the money!
  13. SCIR 408 is in Group 1. They beat the Preds today 2-1.
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