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  1. Seams as though their information is changing with the winds. Or more like, changing as this thread moves on. Any way you look at it, the end result will fit the narrative of the higher ups. Require Excel, but not for these few kids. Require enrollment at NC, but not for these few kids. Don’t even tryout, your kid isn’t making it anyway. The couple spots that may be open are being taken up by the people that they are already in recruitment talks with. Shame!!!
  2. You guys crack me up. I just glanced at the ranking. 105 teams in AAA 2005, 45 teams below them. They’d be 5th (ish) in tier 2. Not great, not bad. As for the Preds as a whole, I’m not sure if I’d go back or not. They are the same as every other club. Some good things, some bad, some very bad. Question is, do the pros out weigh the cons?
  3. I don’t think that WPA teams are “selected.” You just signup! Has nothing to do with rankings.
  4. My point exactly. I think it’s very strange that this PPE team that is not associated with the Catholic high school that all of the team players are made to attend is even being proposed by people so high up in the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Organization. This team could potentially be the best 18U team in Pgh, one of the most scouted in Pgh and the absolute best players may not even have a chance to be on the team.
  5. The new “Prep” team will be owned and operated by the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite. They are to wear Black and Gold uniforms with the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins logo on the chest, not red and white uniforms like North Catholic HS as they are not a team run by or associated with North Catholic High School. The stipulations to be on said team are to, 1) attend North Catholic High School 2) attend Excel Academy (a program that exists because of NCHS.) I think that we can all agree that the above statements are, from what we can read, 100% fact. Now to the point of this post. How can a private 501(c)(3) corporation, backed back the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins, require all players from said team to attend a Catholic high school. I’m not a attorney, but this seems to open up a huge can of worms.
  6. CCHS, it’s alumni and parents raises enough money through fundraising and the Viking Victory Auction to give a $1000 discount to EVERY student in the school. Yes, the tuition is set and 1k is knocked off the price. Don’t take it to the bank. It’s not about $$$$. I’d be very surprised if Central entered into an agreement with Excel. Not their MO!
  7. Spoken like a parent that has the extra A, but regrets it. Funny, think what ever you want. As for the yellow helmet, the team wears them because that’s what the team decided to use. They all have yellow gloves also. Maybe the other team needs to trade them in for black. 18’s played the 16’s, so what! just sayin’
  8. Ohhh, you guessed it, you must be a rocket scientist! I love it when people think that they've got it all figured out. Two things though. 1) Certain kids/families don’t need the extra A. They know that they are better off on a team that will continue to develop them. They also know that a big old handful of AA teams are better or equal to a big old handful of the teams that call themselves AAA. So no, my kid didn't want on the “top” Preds team, nor would he have accepted an offer from that team for a few different reasons. He is completely happy with his current situation. Coaches, players and families are wonderful. 2) Yep, left Icemen. (Along with a bunch of others.) Why, because they had no real plans for their team going into tryouts. The little info that we had was less practice and games from the season that just ended. They’ve played 15 games up to today. Not sure who shows up for practice or how many they have a week. I guess, HS friendly. Not for us. Talk about reading between the lines. Struck a nerve, did I? You’ve just got to be from the Icemen or the Preds AAA team. *said in a stupid voice* Why else would you care. Bitter that we left or bitter that your AAA team ain’t doing so hot. Whateva! Dumb conversation! Cut out the faux AAA teams and Make AA Great Again. Or, leave them and just deal with it. Don’t matter to me.
  9. “Parents paying too much.” Why do you care? To tell the truth, I used to care. No so much any more because it’s going to be what it’s going to be. These teams will always exist. Thousands more than regular PAHL teams. Maybe they get more ice, maybe a gym membership, maybe non-parent coaching, tournaments/ind game/showcases included. It all drives up the price. Maybe they don’t want to play the same local teams 4 times each during the season. Whatever the reason, who really cares? It gives people like us something to talk about. 😜 I’ll agree with most of the comments above. Icemen (some, not all) really good PAHL teams. IMO, U18 shouldn’t be ranked as high as they are. BV took the real hit. Icemen exists only to bring in more money for the rink/owners. Preds, that’s a debacle. Especially at the U18 level. Preds 405 (8 and 0 in PAHL) would beat the AAA team. (Or, they’d have a really close game) Rumor has it, AAA won’t go anywhere near the top AA team. Top AA is paying a pretty little penny. Seams that they are getting their monies worth though. Nice Hybrid PAHL team. If more of the PAHL organizations ran with this type of schedule, maybe the pseudo AAA/ind teams will just go away. While doing so, AA would gain 40-50 more top end players making the competition at that level much stronger. Just my opinion.
  10. Sike, you all thought that you’d be looking at the MyHockeyRanking this morning. Thought wrong! Guess they’re having trouble.
  11. Not true, 18U Icemen team is a mix of team one & team two from last season. Plus a few new players. Not a full roster yet. Most (not all) of the stronger kids left from the Nationals team. Icemen are playing AA this season. MidAm’s at the 18AA level will be very competitive this season.
  12. @Scooby Doo Game was NP at Preds! AHA/Preds game was a stupid good battle. Female ref was totally out of her league. So the question for 18U AA is, will there be another heavyweight? Other Preds team, SHAHA??? Can’t imagine the Huskies or Cambria being strong. Could be wrong??? Preds (all 02’s with exception of 1-2 players) played Cheektowaga (National U16 Champs with the exception of 2-3 players) twice. Winning one and loosing one. They play again in Buffalo this weekend.
  13. @Scooby Doo why did you delete your comment? Second thoughts or who slapped your wrists? Yes, the Allegheny/Preds game was competitive. The end was very interesting. Both teams had a lot of PIM. Referees were too much a part of that game. Curfewed by 4+ game minutes. Ridiculous! Pretty sure Allegheny plays the same NP team this weekend. Good Luck!
  14. I wouldn’t go that far. Preds 405 beat NP #1, 9-1. NP’s goal didn’t even go in the net. (Video to prove!) Icemen will have their hands full with Preds. I think they are scheduled to play 3-4 times. Time will tell! As for Icemen being elite, 🙄.
  15. Yep, because that’s what those few thousand kids want to do. Except for Allegheny, the division is very competitive. Why the fuss?
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