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  1. Moderators prohibiting negative comments would lead to a virtual elimination of discussion. For obvious reasons, we disallow criticism of kids as well as potentially libelous accusations against adults. And sometimes individual trolls. That's pretty much it. You, on the other hand, are always welcome to "correct the record" yourself, as you did above. I don't have the omniscience to do so myself, nor does @PaulBaxter
  2. Clarification, @SCheats was NOT warned for this comment, but a different one which we also deleted.
  3. Scrubbed a comment above that violated our code. My inference was that the user didn't do so maliciously. Think before you post though
  4. Echoing Paul Baxter... Old enough to excel in a qualifying tournament for National Championship, old enough to be lauded for doing so. In the past, we've preferred "no names under 18", but we'll be flexible in this context.
  5. He asked what was less than 2 hours from Pittsburgh. You're 4 hours away And you filled up 3 phone screens. Prospective campers interested in your offering can visit the Camps section of our board and easily find your materials. This is a discussion board, not a commercial site. If you want a platform to host your marketing campaigns, go pay for one; flooding our comments area detracts from our reason for existing. Consider this a warning to use our board appropriately. We'd rather not resort to taking down your earlier posts.
  6. I deleted a comment that violated community standards. Many of you will be shocked to discover that our little online community does indeed have standards, but we actually do (not many though, as we don't want to stifle the sometimes juvenile exchange of ideas). 1. Don't call out or identify kids. They read this. 2. Don't be excessively lewd. Kids read this.
  7. it might well have been a stupid comment, but consider this an official warning to keep the tone semi-mature
  8. Actually, the warning was for another (deleted) comment. A visit to the sin bin may be in this user's future
  9. * we have deleted a comment * REMINDER: This forum exists to discuss hockey in western Pennsylvania. Not to spread gossip. Please keep this in mind, and do your part in keeping this site above some of the seedier corners of the internet.
  10. Keep the discourse on a semi-adult level, people. Paul Baxter and I don't want to be in the business of cleansing or shutting down threads.
  11. No Squirt Tier 1... AAA is not official USA Hockey terminology
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