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  1. they have their goods and bads just like any other organization......
  2. didn't they lose a decent amount of players to transfers ? Something like 7-10 kids and it was the better ones too.... Guess a bunch of club kids will move up for a season. BUT who in their right mind would wanna go there after this rug pull?
  3. WOW some people really hating on kids..... NO MATTER WHAT TEAM WE TALK ABOUT ( PPE,ESMARK,PREDS OR WHOMEVER) THERE IS ALWAYS PEOPLE BITCHING ABOUT WHO IS AND ISN'T ON THE TEAM...... WHO REALLY CARES? Everyone of them will all be beer leaguers by 26-28 years old... Enjoy the current rides with your kids bc before you know it it will be over. Then what are you going to grumble about?
  4. I would say they need to try to field half decent AA team or 2 before trying for AAA. OR could it be that Esmark moves down there with a name change ?
  5. liberty university sells out every game and their acha d1.
  6. Last I checked ALL kids are going to end up in the same place ( beer league). so what's it really matter if someone wants to play a more competitive schedule, 2-3 ice slots a week all season, and has numerous friends on the team. Who cares, are you writing the checks? So many act like this or that team blah blah blah. BUT maybe the families there, its a fit for them and their happy with the coaching....... Not to mention their numbers where better then the Preds AAA, Lebo AAA, and Veng AAA....... so they must be doing something right ? They had more supply and demand then any of those other 3 teams........
  7. the first year that they had the 2005 team, they finished in top 20. (18th). that would've been top spot for Mid ams in tier 2.....
  8. the u16 team has said IF they aren't competitive but mid December that they will declare tier 2..
  9. both rink are shit holes and don't deserve the extra money from the league, not to mention they are both in the middle of nowhere... 90 percent of the teams are 40 plus minutes away from there too.... so why not rmu
  10. if thats the case we all know damn well nothing will happen then ......
  11. if that's the case and it is the preds moving to alpha , then don't they automatically take the faux aaa name with them?
  12. just heard it will more then likely be the Shaler JV head coach.... time will tell until posted... but thats the gist I got.... team will mostly be current preds team moving over to there
  13. so how many faux Aaa teams does that make now these days? Cant keep up...... lol
  14. just what we need another Aaa team in pgh. we must be the laughing stock of the county with the amount of so called Aaa teams in western Pa.
  15. same dad that has been trying to get this to happen for the last 2 seasons..take it as a grain of salt.
  16. don't forget the almighty Esmark u15's went 0-3 as well
  17. lets not forget the Barons beat PPE Last season at u14 to go to nationals.. PPE was the top seed last season as well
  18. he is independent now and no longer part of the IC hockey program. only way to get in touch with him is via phone.... ill PM you his number.
  19. ask any 03,04 or even 05 parent that was at scir when he was there. they will tell you the TRUTH about him.
  20. you mean more then 1 of the hockey moms on that team.....
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