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RMU Hockey reinstated for 2023

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4 hours ago, Lifelongbender said:

I'm really happy to hear this, but honestly I still can't imagine anyone playing there that has any other option. Recruiting will be a nightmare. They were successful and the school still killed the program.

The RMU staff started recruiting last month. There is only so many NCAA D1 teams and plenty of really good, capable ncaa d1 players. They will have the roster full sooner rather than later. They can fill that team with ncaa capable players from Canada alone. 

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1 hour ago, Jack Handey said:

Yep saw a NAHL (I think he was NAHL) commit yesterday on social media.  Frankly I thought it was pretty brave given all that has transpired.

Where else are they going to go?? There's still only about 60 NCAA D1 teams. Looking around at rosters, how many of them are more than half foreign players? Not a lot of options for American players.

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