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Wait until PPE see this!

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At this point I'm just waiting for the EXCEL Academy Daycare to pop up. A competitive environment for your hockey minded infant/toddler ages 18m-4 years.  The sad thing is that I personally know of a couple parents that would be all over it.

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This is hilarious. Wonder what other ELITE 5 year olds they'll be up against? 


“Here comes Little Timmy down the boards, picking up steam. He has those $900 skates, really paying off here. He dishes it to Baby Boy Jonathan in the slot, HE SHOOTS.... oh, it goes wide as he shits his pants and starts crying for his mommy. Oh, my. The crowd is letting him have it, with chants of 'get off the ice' and "get back into your crib" as the coaches get him cleaned up and back over to the bench."

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