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Mid-Am Select 15 (2008) and 14 (2009)

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They cut Johnny Gaudreau years ago and they make light of it as if he wasn't actually good enough and "slipped through the cracks".

RJ, you seem to be the new expert on the block but your naivete is obvious.

I don't feel as though my player was slighted. he made the 68 camp as someone in the top 25% or so but was never going to be selected to go further and that's okay.

He got to evaluate himself against those players and knew exactly where he stood. He knew Mitch Miller was a freaking stud but he also knew he was a scumbag for what he did to that kid. Yes, they knew, everyone knew wayyy back then but MidAm didn't care. Send him through.

Lots of lessons to be learned if you pay attention.

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