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  1. 10 points
    Wampa and PBsooks are one and the same. Both accounts are now banned. This user has repeatedly been warned to tone it down but they don't have any self control.
  2. 7 points
    @Wampa1 has been issued a 1 week suspension and 2 point warning. This is a forum for solid interaction, and while we can tolerate negativity done in a constructive manner, we don't need 3 posts in a row like was done above that serve little purpose other than to hit the hornet's nest.
  3. 6 points
    Eddie, I think removing body checking at 12U has amplified the parent paranoia, and in some areas hindered the kids development. I understand the thought process behind removing it 8 or so years ago, but respectfully disagree with it. It's better for players to learn and acclimate themselves to body-checking at a younger age, where both first and second year players are still relatively small. At bantam, the size discrepancy is much larger. You can have a first year player at 4'11 and 85lbs go up against a second year player who is 5'10 and 160lbs. That's the nature of bantam hockey. When you factor in the first year player having no experience with checking, specifically lacking good habits to properly protect themselves, then things can get dangerous. They should consider reintroducing body-checking back into 12U, however, I fear they're more likely to remove it from 14U.
  4. 6 points
    @Wampa1 and @Hoomie Wampa, you are 9/10ths of the way to earning a ban. Stop being so aggressive towards other people on here. I have told you before, state your TAKE and move on. Your takes don't have to descend to the level of attacks on anyone who disagrees or counters you. Hoomie, back off on the repeated "LIAR" accusations. Not necessary to go there. A simple "I disagree because..." will suffice. If everyone can't take a deep breath before they post and stop bashing each other, I will lock this thread, and permanent bans may be forthcoming. It's getting tiring going through the same thing with a few posters over and over. TONE IT DOWN! You have been warned.
  5. 6 points
    One of the best things that happened for my son was trying out for the Pens 2 years ago and not even making the 4th day. Lit a real fire under his tail. Last year he was offered Black and turned it down. He wants to make Gold and he has improved dramatically in the last 2 years. Not making the team he wanted with on-point constructive criticism (which we feel like we received) will drive the right kid to work hard. Did for my son. Hope it does for yours too...
  6. 6 points
    And yet another crash and burn comment thread led by the notorious @Wampa1. Seems like you always seem to be the guy throwing the turd in the punchbowl. A meaningful and timely thread develops, then @Wampa1 inserts his genius takes by bad mouthing kids and organizations, name calling others throughout this and other threads, "outing idiots," nothing but negativity with no solutions. We are talking about kids here bro.
  7. 5 points
    Team Pittsburgh defeats Texas 9-2. Back to back champions of America's showcase St. Louis. Congratulations Team Pittsburgh!
  8. 5 points
    Great comment, and it is all about kids being placed on teams at a similar skill level and them having fun, especially at that age. Don't let parent ego get in the way of the process - I know parents that change organizations every single year because for some reason, the group of evaluators got it all wrong when assigning little Johnny to the #3 team instead of the #1 AA team. In cases like this, the kid suffers because they are not developing any long lasting friendships when going from one organization to another every single year. Both of my kids that played PAHL and PIHL hockey played with some of the same kids for years, and my oldest has been out of hockey for years and is still friendly with those kids. We all want the best for our kids, so my advice is to manage your expectations.
  9. 4 points
    It’s 25% of your total rostered # of players - not the max possible roster. So if you have a small program it hits hard. For example, a 12-13 player roster only allows for 3 2007s. Several schools aren’t able to field MS teams this season due to the way the rule is now interpreted.
  10. 4 points
    as far as i know all but 4 kids remain 2 kids never showed up of which one was from the cleveland area so thats understandable and 2 got cut thats hardly a lot of kids... as far as not playing for yuri are you kidding me? that man is one of the top coaches in the area my boy played for him years ago and im not going out on a limb here and saying he is the best coach my kid has ever had and that includes jrs ..never seen a coach so dedicated to his players and helping them move on also seen him help other players even when there was no chance of them playing for esmark the guy is all about hockey so anyone saying they dont want to play for yuri is just hog wash.. 20000 dollars where did you pull that figure from surely you have evidence to back that statement up...i never came close to that figure and all top tier teams travel thats part of the gig but $ 20000 thats just laughable and as far as tuition esmark has the lowest fees in pitt and they dont come after you later in the year for a slush fund... as far as shenanigans thats a blanket statement ..really ? what shenanigans?any one above please back up your statements i can guarantee you cant... this board is and always has been a cesspool of negativity and jealous and disgruntled parents players towards both esmark and pens elite organizations quite frankly its a testament to both organizations how relevant and competitive they are year in and year out in districts and nationals despite playing in a small market and that should be celebrated
  11. 4 points
    Nothing within this topic is remotely accurate. There is often a false belief that the majority of the team always remains as tryouts are approaching--from rumors--and therefore players don't think they have an opportunity/or that there is not open spots. A LOT did NOT leave for the Barons. Players were cut. It happens. The majority of the core remains. I see no reason NOT to want to play for Coach Yuri. Those are your issues, not his OR those who have chosen to play on his team. The Esmark travel schedule is not $20K and the NAPHL has worked to REDUCE the playing days in a weekend. Russian imports DO NOT come to fruition UNTIL all other avenues have been exhausted. But I have heard that Arizona, Alaska & Illinois are A-OK! NO players were cut before or at Dec 31. Stop spreading rumors. Any shenanigans that occur are directly from sneaky parents/players. The Barons were recruiting long BEFORE any Mid-am team try-outs occurred...FACT! Board Moderators: STOP allowing folks to drag coaches, players, or organizations through the mud!
  12. 4 points
    Jack thanks. My son made NP. He was very proud.
  13. 4 points
    Agree. It’s time to start blocking IP addresses. Of course, we can all do our part as well by not feeding the troll.
  14. 4 points
    response waiting.. cant wait for this.. lets get it all out here so you dont muddy up any more threads with your uselessness.. hope i spelled everything correctly.. if not, i'm sure you let me know...
  15. 4 points
    Every year I have a bout of depression when hockey season ends and I'm not going to the rink fur times a week to coach youth players. My son is a midget this year so this may be my last season of coaching him myself - he my just switch to HS hockey - but I hear what you are saying. People ask me how I can spend so much time on it, and all I can say is that I spend four hours a week with each of my kids doing something we both love. It's still getting WAY too expensive to put a kid on the ice, even at ordinary amateur levels. But it's worth it for me and my family.
  16. 4 points
    It doesn’t take a lot of effort to see that a dad is being honest about his son, his try outs, and the results. Over and above all of the other white noise generated by this forum, I find it refreshing. Congrats. To the player AND his dad. He might not have made the team he tried out for, but I’ll bet he is a better player for the effort put forth.
  17. 4 points
    As the parent of two players, one of whom played AAA and high level AA hockey, we easily spent in excess of $8,000 a season between: Dues, hotels, food, gas, car maintenance, hockey gear, souvenirs, etc. Now that one of our players has moved on to college, that money for AAA and AA hockey is now going to pay tuition... Our other player has been doing AA most of their career and I'd say we spent easily $4k-$5k on the same expenses... so it has cost us a TON and our players probably aren't going to the NHL but they did have one heck of a good time playing hockey (so far). And we really enjoy watching them play.
  18. 4 points
    Well our PPE journey for this year has come to an end. I think it was a good learning experience. Was an eventful 3 days. My son was in a group with a lot of elite (elite not black) kids from last year (over 1/3). We assumed that might be a good thing as the coach said they were re grouping based on similiar skill level. But turns out it wasn't. So not sure how groups were set up. I originally started this post looking for advice so now I can give some if parents are considering PPE tryouts. Know the following: -be sure you can handle the truth - my kid is not ready for AAA hockey -is your family reasy for the committment if you do make it - financially committed and time -be sure your kid is mentally tough to handle disappointment is rejected -know your hands are tied during tryouts. You cannot see it happening so therefore cant provide feedback to your kid on areas to improve-this will make you feel helpless as a parent -know at this age there is a ton of hockey left. This is not the end. Good luck to any parents and kids that try out.
  19. 4 points
    Actually I’m somebody who not so long ago played for a AAA team in the area and personally know several people who played as a second year U18 and did just fine. Could you please provide your unbiased stats on who “failed even at the ACHA level” or are these your biased uninformed opinions? Or do you keep in contact with these kids and their families and know for a fact that they “failed”? You clearly have a grudge against tier 1 hockey in Pittsburgh. That’s fine. Claiming people “failed” at the next level with absolutely no basis behind that on an anonymous hockey forum that most don’t even know exists is the definition of irony. You sir, have failed. Now don’t go getting hypersensitive about that
  20. 4 points
    I deleted a comment that violated community standards. Many of you will be shocked to discover that our little online community does indeed have standards, but we actually do (not many though, as we don't want to stifle the sometimes juvenile exchange of ideas). 1. Don't call out or identify kids. They read this. 2. Don't be excessively lewd. Kids read this.
  21. 4 points
    Until the scouts come knocking, the driver should only be fun - for both your player and you. Remember, it's a game. Don't get caught up in all these labels like "Elite", "AAA", "AA". You will surely hear from coaches and other hockey parents if there is any possibility of your player playing at a higher level. For now, focus on the fun, and you will be glad that you did.
  22. 4 points
    I'm gonna set the record straight with you son, since you like to throw up links. FACT: The program is only three years old and never had a varsity team. Kind of hard to do at that stage when you don't have the upper-classmen to do it. You want to point out how Central is so much better, it's a lot easier when you have been around for a long time and you have an all boy enrollment that eclipses North Catholic. Next, let's talk about the middle school teams, since you know so much about them. Most people including pihl realize that middle school teams change from year to year especially with small schools. Here's another fact for you. Last year's team was compromised of all eighth graders except for 2. Of the 15 skater roster, 10 of those kids were from Catholic Schools. 1 was from a public school, but planned on, and did enroll at North as a freshman. 4 came from Knoch, who didn't have the numbers to field a team. Fact: when pihl placed the team, it had 11 skaters, hardly a juggernaut. The Knoch kids came after it became apparent they wouldn't have a team. With that being said, everybody was well aware we were in the wrong division, and we tried to change it but it was too late. Happens every year, teams get placed wrong. It's easy to do at that level. Fact: The coach was very adamant about not running the score up on other teams, something that couldn't be said about some other teams in that the tier that were placed low. Fact: the team went out of their way to play scrimmages and tournaments with upper tier teams because it was good for our players. Fact: the team opted up to high division 2 in the playoffs because it was the right thing to do.(and lost by the way) That brings us to this season. Obviously the middle school team had to regenerate after losing so many older players. But what I really want to address are your "mind numbing similarities". Do you actually look at the links you put up? If you did you would see that the JV division is super tight. Look at the gf/ga. Look at the scores of the games. How in the hell can you make the accusation that the JV team is beating everyone up? The FACTS state otherwise.
  23. 4 points
    😄 I don't have all the answers, youth hockey, youth sports in general are a mess. Glad my kids age out soon. Get a life? I'm not the one taking the time to dissect a youth sports game on a public forum to try and convince someone from the other team that my kid's team is better than their kid's team. Look, you want to do it, you found a soulmate. PM him. No one is stopping you from having the discussion. You want to do it on a public forum, well...someone might make fun of you.
  24. 4 points
    Wow...can I get some popcorn 🍿 here...
  25. 3 points
    So is this all part of a larger question about whether kids should be allowed to play contact sports at all? I mean, hockey seems on the surface to be less damaging to the body than, for instance, football. What about the issues with repeated blows to the head from heading the ball in soccer? Where is the proper balance between the physical play that is such a big part of the sport we all love and protection against injuries? For my part, checking is a substantial part of the game and it is worth the risk of injuries to those who choose to play it. However, I also believe that there are a great many coaches - probably the vast majority, actually - who spend little time on teaching fundamentally correct checking. There are also plenty (though, I think, fewer) who passively encourage needlessly violent and/or dirty hits by not responding to their players when they see those hits. There are organizations in every city famous for not teaching checking properly. I think checking is important, but I also think we as coaches and parents need to do a far better job of teaching the hows (and, crucially, WHYs) of checking, and enforcing good sportsmanship and respect for the opposing players. The inevitable end result is going to be phasing out checking for all but the elite players. This writing is on the wall. We all play in beer leagues, where body checking is illegal, and we all know that hockey is still an awesome game in non-checking environments, but I still think that eliminating body checking for most youth players will be a sad outcome. (Again, my inner biases at work.)
  26. 3 points
    King is definitely right here. USA Hockey is a propaganda machine and spews out this kind of stuff all of the time. Explain to be too how the ADM, which is geared primarily toward the development at the Mite level, but has practice plan ideas for Squirt and above helped Turcotte after his 12U season? Also, the direct quote says that after he was "taken into the program" he fell in love again. Well of course he did since he was in the National Program. Its not like he had a coach he didn't like and went to another amateur organization and found ADM. Each year is making it harder and harder for even regular everyday dads to be a coach. Just look at the fact that now SafeSport trainings have to be done yearly as opposed to every other year. What does that solve? Is someone going to forget in the off-year from watching those hours of videos? And as we all know, just because you watched videos, it doesn't make you a good person or prevent you from a future crime. Add too all of these rules now being forced on officials, and the way they want them to call them (banging the boards) and you are going to see fewer officials not wanting to jump through the hoops. And lets not forget limiting players with an example of MidAm placing the 2007 player rule for Middle School limiting the number of kids that can participate there. We all complain about those that chase the extra 'A' and what it is doing to AA hockey and further down to the house level. In my opinion, USA Hockey is doing the exact same thing where these rules and regulations just further limit those that can play and volunteer.
  27. 3 points
    The official word is that there will be a Varsity team at North Catholic next season. Best of luck to the boys. The Middle School program continues to grow and is a few skaters short of fielding two teams.
  28. 3 points
    Truer words have never been spoken. This analysis hits the nail on the head, and explains exactly what is wrong with youth sports today.
  29. 3 points
    Prep school’s & the HPHL are the top leagues. Just look at the rankings at every birth year. The T1EHL is falling apart, it’s not what it was just 4 years ago. it’s no secret Pittsburgh & Buffalo are trying to get out. PPE do a excellent job of developing players but it’s turned into a rich man’s program due to the forceful Tactics of their school. Let’s not talk about the black teams at the younger levels, those teams are glorified Pahl AA teams. We all know those teams are truly used for pens & friends and to sell more ice. Im not sure who the barons are beating. Their team’s at every birth year are at the bottom half of the rankings. You must be referring to the district tournament two seasons ago when the 15s upset ppe here in Pittsburgh. If your player’s team has ever played the baron’s you would know their home rink makes the frozen pond look like it’s state of the art. The baron’s don’t develop players and their fees are higher than any in pittsburgh. Travel fees for any AAA program usually run between 5-10k so add your team fees on top of that with equipment it’s not out of the question that a aaa season could push into 20k. In my experience most aaa seasons run about 14-15k.
  30. 3 points
    Maybe he is the 05 Renegade Coach from a few years back that masqueraded as a hockey mom.
  31. 3 points
    North Korea 🙂, China, Russia, possibly some other European countries. I believe PPE also offer different kinds of scholarships.
  32. 3 points
    Holy cow can we stop paying attention to the trolls on this board and talk some hockey? This used to be a useful forum for conversation and information but in the past few months it has degenerated into adolescent name calling. It can't have missed everyone's attention that actually useful discussion has almost totally ceased on the whole forum.
  33. 3 points
    Don't really care one way or the other, just posting to my 11th, so I can post in the new Very Important Board...................
  34. 3 points
    The team is the 4th ranked '04 Tier 2 team in the country, outscored opponents 323-85 but they cheated all season? How'd they ever manage to win all those games away from the cheaters at the Mt. Lebo rink?
  35. 3 points
    Look at that. Constructive dialog. Well done, hockey parents!
  36. 3 points
    Limited travel?? Anybody who wants to fact check this can go onto MyHockeyRankings and see the exact nature of this “limited travel” for the 2008 teams. In reality, the Vengence had one more travel tournament/game set than the PPE. Picture included for some laughs.
  37. 3 points
    It really does depend on the individual player. Not knowing you from Adam I would say you need to try out at North Pittsburgh and make making a travel team your benchmark. Be excited and enjoy the ride when he makes one, regardless of level. Treat him to his favorite dinner out even if it is squirt 6.
  38. 3 points
    Example 1/1,000,000 of why hockey parents in WPA are human garbage. These kids don’t stand a chance. These are the “men” they have to look up to. And forget the mothers. Coddling has taken on a new meaning with these twits. Officials are human and susceptible to mistakes. That does not give any “coach” (and I use that term loosely with all the clowns in this area currently coaching at the mite-pee wee levels) or parent the right to berate them and the officials should start exercising their right to punish these idiots. Look up the PA state law passed in 1990 regarding abuse of youth sports officials. I dream of the day a family is destroyed because the law did its job and hammered one of these morons that can’t get over striking out in little league or their inadequacies with their manhood.
  39. 3 points
    Why are you still here commenting? Practically everything you have claimed as fact in this thread has been shot down in flames by numerous individuals. Now you are saying North's roster consists mostly of older players? To my knowledge roughly 25% of the current roster consists of seniors.........in case you are math impaired, that means 75% of the roster are underclassmen. How in the hell does 25% = most? Just stop bro - this is getting embarrassing.
  40. 3 points
  41. 3 points
    There seems to be a growing membership of the worst type of message board participant: the sniper. See, snipers don’t have any active insightful posts to contribute. They appear under a guise of “wisdom” and they lay in the weeds for any post about current hockey to be submitted. In this case, the target is squirt hockey. Then they snipe the people that post, basically calling them hockey blind idiots that have no clue what the reality is when these young players turn 14 and 15. Here’s a newsflash Saucey, Rico, and the two or three other miserable curs that are trying to act like youth hockey’s version of Nostradamus........you aren’t creative, novel, or prescient in your posts. You think because your kids have aged out of squirt, that it gives you free license to judge others and their unique experience in youth hockey?? It doesn’t. I haven’t seen or met a single squirt parent that truly thinks their little boy or girl is going to the show. I mean, the way you guys talk, you must conduct parental exit interviews at various and sundry squirt games. At the end of the day, I’d rather see a squirt aged player with big dreams being supported in a healthy way by involved parents than have a miserable dad like you guys tell the kid they better get a union card because they are never going to play at any level above rec league. One last thing. You guys think the market conditions, the demographics, the economics, and the culture of youth hockey are static and have been unchanged since your kids were squirts. Well, they aren’t static. Every year is a different. Which also renders your critiques invalid. So while I agree that very very few youth players will move on from here to play at truly high levels, I also think its embarrassing that you line up in droves to pour toxins all over anybody who simply wants to discuss a recent and proximate squirt game. Good luck being so bitter guys. Your highly anticipated response is the only evidence I need to prove my entire point.
  42. 3 points
    Obviously they didn't hit you hard enough
  43. 3 points
    Kids that age, everywhere, are not developed at the numerous transition methods it takes to keep up with someone skating forward. They don’t even have the muscular strength, hip flex, or experience to put it all together yet. And if we’re being honest, quite a few of their straight backward c cuts aren’t even being performed right or to the full extent. My whole point though - is that eventually these Defensmen are going to figure it all out and come into their own. They will be coached on details. It won’t be a matter of skating fast and dangling around them like it was in squirts and peewees. I was using this to support my point that squirt and peewee hockey is not a real indicator of what a player is going to be when crap gets real. So to sit here and debate about what squirt or peewee kid is the “best”, who scored the most goals, made the most saves, who’s team is number one if they added 4-5 kids, who’s playing on what team and where, who’s getting private lessons with Brent Gretzky is all #*!&!# irrelevant until a kid can perform at a high level once the real game of hockey starts (at bantam). Once again, this doesn’t mean that the kids and parents shouldn’t have fun and be proud of accomplishments at the younger ages. There’s a lot of accolades to have - but to people who know hockey - the second you start to get pretentious (all the things mentioned above) - the people who see the big picture do a hard eye roll.
  44. 3 points
    USAH/PAHL rules are pretty clear on this. Suspensions must be served the next USAH sanctioned game. PAHL requires 9 players to start a game at this age. If they don't have 9 players the next game forefit rules would come into play. Want to teach them a lesson hand them a 1-0 loss. Splitting up the suspensions should not be an option.
  45. 3 points
    Momhockey has on the same goggles she wore when she thought she met Prince Charming.
  46. 3 points
    I have written a movie about girls hockey and i would love to hear some feed back from true hockey fans and especially players, family and fans close to girls hockey. I will say this, if you wouldn't let your child watch slap shot then i wouldn't let them read this script. Email me at scottedonatelli@gmail.com and i can forward you the script.
  47. 3 points
  48. 3 points
  49. 3 points
    Hello Everyone! I am pleased to welcome you to the brand-new Western PA Hockey forum. The new forum has 100x the features of the old forum but best of all we are free of the restrictions placed on us by the former "free" forum provider. I can speak from experience the old forum setup was sub-par both in terms of technology and the way they treated their forum clients. I couldn't wait to get off that platform and this new forum took lots of time and planning to implement, plus the software is not free (I went with a proven, robust forum platform). As I had previously noted, the prior forum provider claimed full ownership of all the forum content, so we were not able to migrate any content to this forum. So we're starting fresh for this upcoming 2018-19 season. Take a spin around the forum and let's get it started! Let me know what you think. PB
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